Dance for me

AN: Man it has been awhile hasn't it. This is not really my best, but I am a little crusty on my poetry writing. I really haven't been writing like I should, but I hope that you guys like it anyways. Read and review.

The vision before me dances enchantingly

I can't seem to stop staring and staring

Eyes, never leaving the picture of perfection

Still I stare not even caring

Your movement is like liquid

You're like fire…you're so hot

You're taking no prisoners and no regards

Striking them down with all that you've got

All eyes are centered on you

And your eyes are placed on me

Now I'm nervous and a little unsure

On what it is you see

You advance toward me with no delay

You move like a swan with so much grace

Suddenly I'm like a deer caught in headlights

As I watched a smirk crossing your face

Then suddenly you're before me

Dancing to the music, from the band

You suddenly reach out for me

As I quickly grab your hand

We move along to the music

But we only dance for each other

Right now there's no one else here

There really is no other

My heart is racing wildly

I can feel your heart beating as well

This situation is scaring me a bit

And I really think that you can tell

You pull me close in reassurance

And I relax in this moment of bliss

You've somehow managed to catch me by surprise

With the intensity of your kiss

Oh my…my knee's are weak

And I almost stumbled to the floor

You looked deeply into my eyes

And now I'm longing for you for sure

Then suddenly the music's stopped playing

But we still feel the music of our hearts

Instead of this being our very last dance

Our dance is just about to start