Moving on

I never felt love,

Or knew what it stood for,

It used to be,

Just another word,

Just another feeling,

A feeling I never felt before,

Before you came into my life.

But now I'm feeling something else,

I never felt before,

It feels like,

My heart breaking,

Didn't I mean,

Anything to you?

All those days we spent,

Hand in hand,

Didn't your heart beat,

As fast as mine did?

Or was I just,

Another girl,

Who would jump in ecstasy,

When you called her name.

Who would give you everything,

You ever wanted,

Until you got tired,

Of what she offered,

And moved on,

To someone else.

The way you did,

To me.

You ruined everything,

Everything we had,

And it hurt seeing you,

With another girl.

But looking at you


As if nothing ever happened,

Hurt the most.

But now I'm okay.

My heart has mended,

And healed.

Never skipping a beat,

When you came back to me,

And asked me,

To be yours again.

You thought I was still,

In love with you,

Still willing,

To give you my all.

So when I left you standing there,

Stunned by utter rejection,

I couldn't help,

But smile,

Because I knew then,

That I'd moved on.