Pale Heart

I wonder what heaven looks like
Those beautiful pills could just swallow me whole
I could leave this world instantly...
and no one would even know...

At least not for a while
Not until tommorow came
And then, they'd find me...gone.
My life no longer mine to claim

My once bright brown eyes
Pale brown, like that.
My white face growing whiter as
the world grows richly in happiness

My heart no longer beating...
my body growing cold
Well, at least I wouldn't have to deal
with life when I get old

I just want to die
For living is almost pure hell
Maybe I could find a great big gun somewhere...
Or perhaps "accidentally" fall down a well

I just wonder...
What does heaven look like?
Is it better than this life?
It's got to be. Anything has got to be.

Even death.

© Christina Leslie

January 23, 2004