My Place

It's not supposed to be like this

I'm supposed to be getting somewhere...

becoming someone...

someone that I cannot be.

they all thought they saw potential in me

but i'm the sheltered girl when in a crowd

the one who knows when and how to keep out

the dreamer who doesn't not ever the doer

the one who might as well go drown herself in manure

because she's useless, a nothing, but that's not what they see

they see this girl whose got everything going for her deep within me

they see my face and think it is full of beauty & grace

they think it's time I stood up to let the world know my place

I guess that's why I need them, I guess that's why they're here

day after day and year after year

They're angels in disguise, they're the people i've grown to love

they're helping me get through my struggles...they're lifting my spirits up

they've known there's something about me that will get me far

and all along, they've been here for me to help me reach my star

Christina Leslie
March 1, 2005