Full Summary: A boy, living on the streets, is picked up by successful twenty five year old Hiroshi Tanaka. There is a ten year difference, but Hiroshi finds himself slowly falling in love with the boy. He can't decide what to do. Ruin the boy's innocence? Or make his sick desires real? (Yaoi)

Song to Listen to While Reading This: You Alone; Street Dogs

"Spare change?" A boy asked, as he sat on the streets.

Most shot him dirty glares. This was a poor neighborhood. The boy leaned against the brick wall behind him. He was tired, and hungry. A new man walked past. He looked up hopefully.

"Spare change?" He repeated.

The man grinned. "I'll give you something alright."

The boy looked at him with fear. The words running through his mind were…'It's a gang member of some sort… I knew this wouldn't be good…'

How right he was.

A tall man, with dark hair, walked down the street. He heard screaming from an alley. He would think of this as normal… He didn't live here, but was on an assignment here, for his job. He knew it was run down, and full of creeps and street bums. But this screaming… was so… He shivered, and looked down the alley. Apparently the men had already left (he could tell what had happened). A young boy, with light brown hair sat there, ripped clothing, crying. His head fell, so his chin touched his chest. The older man looked at the young boy with eyes full of pity. The young boy attempted to get himself up.

"Why should I even try? My life sucks. I don't need to even live. The world would be better off with out poor beggars like me." He whispered.

"Do… you want help?" The older man asked.

"Doing what?" He shot him a glare.

"Getting up. I see you're having trouble." The man said. How could he be so sarcastic at a time like this?

"I'm fine, thank you." The boy said.

The man walked toward him. The boy, now loosing all courage, crawled away. The man held up a hand.

"I come in peace. C'mon, I'll get you somewhere warm to sleep." The man offered.

The boy looked up at him. His eyes, right now, were just… so kind. He never saw that kind of kindness. It was all like it had been that night. Creeps and dirty looks. He nodded weakly. The man put an arm around him.

"Kiyoshi." The boy mumbled.

"Is that your first name?" The man asked.

Kiyoshi nodded. The man smiled. "Fits you."

Kiyoshi looked at him with questioning eyes.

"Oh. Me? Tanaka Hiroshi." He replied.

"Tanaka-san." Kiyoshi thought.

They were soon in Hiroshi's car. Kiyoshi sat in the passenger seat, staring out the window. Hiroshi glanced over at him. His hair was extremely messy, he noticed.

"Keep your eyes on the road." He advised.

The sound of his voice made Hiroshi jump. His eyes darted back to the nearly empty, but dark, road. They came to a stop light. Kiyoshi's messy hair was bothering him. He reached over and ran his fingers through the dirty hair. Kiyoshi gave him a strange look, with a twisted face.

"Your hair… was messy." He muttered, when the light turned green.

"What do you expect…? I lived on the streets." Kiyoshi replied.

Hiroshi didn't reply. He pulled into a driveway. A large house was in front of them… Hiroshi Tanaka was a successful man. It was in the country. Kiyoshi looked up and his jaw dropped.

"It's so…" He began, thinking on what he should say. "Big."

Hiroshi laughed. "Yes. I suppose so."

Hiroshi got out of the car, and walked to the other side, helping Kiyoshi out. Kiyoshi stumbled slightly, so Hiroshi picked him up, bridal style, and carried him off.

"What are you doing!? You creepy perverted old man!" Kiyoshi hollered, and waved his arms like crazy.

Hiroshi just laughed again. When they reached the door a maid opened it. Kiyoshi was still squirming in Hiroshi's arms.

"Ah… Um… Tanaka-sama…" The maid stumbled over her words.

"This is Kiyoshi-san." Hiroshi smiled. "He's going to be living with us."

"Um… Yes Tanaka-sama. I shall prepare a bed right away!" She exclaimed, rushing off.

"You can set me down now." Kiyoshi said.

"Nn? I know I can." Hiroshi teased.

"Fine, fine… Will you put me down?" Kiyoshi asked, politely.

Hiroshi set him down. He looked him in the eye.

"So how old are you?" He asked.

"Fifteen." Kiyoshi replied.

"That's a ten year difference."

"You're only twenty five!?" Kiyoshi asked.

"What, do I look old?"

"No… You're just so successful…" Kiyoshi murmured.

"Ever heard of an inheritance?" Hiroshi asked.

"O-oh…" Kiyoshi muttered. "Forgive me, then! I'm so stupid."

"No, no. It's fine. But you know, we'll have to start you in school." Hiroshi said.

"Who said I was going to live with you!?" Kiyoshi asked. "I said I'd spend the night!"

"Oh…So…. Would you live with me?" He asked.

"We'll see." Kiyoshi muttered.

Kiyoshi's POV

He's so desperate that he has to ask a fifteen year old to live with him? Man… Hopeless. Although, he does have a nice house! Yay! Food! When he offered me food, I literally skipped after him, humming a song I had heard on the radio. He glanced back.

"What do you want to eat, Kiyoshi-san?" He asked me.

I thought for a moment. "Pocky!" I exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"How about a real meal?"Tanaka-san suggested.

"Fine, fine. How about peaches and cream? Oh! Oh! And some eggs… With the spices and onions in them!"I exclaimed.

"Sounds fine… While you wait for it… Why don't you take a shower?"Tanaka-san asked.

"Where is it?" I asked.

"Third to the right, down that hallway." He replied.

I followed his directions… And found the heaven that was the shower. I took a towel, and washcloth from the cabinet beside the shower. I turned the water on 'super hot' as I say, and stepped in. It felt so good… As soon as all of that crap was off of me, I stepped out. I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out. A young maid stared at me. I blushed, but she smiled and handed me some clothes. A pair of jeans, that looked too tight, and an over-sized sweater.

"Thank you." I said, nodding my head.

"You're welcome, Kiyoshi-sama." She replied.


I laughed aloud. "Just call me Kiyoshi. Or Kiyoshi-kun. Or something that's not 'sama'."

"Um, but…" She began.

"Seriously. So what's your name?" I asked.

"Oh! Me? Kobayashi Etsu." She said, bowing.

"So I'll call you Etsu-chan and you call me Kiyoshi!" I exclaimed, smiling.

"Um… Okay, Kiyoshi." She said, quietly.

"I should get dressed, huh?" I asked.

"Yes… I believe your dinner is ready." She said.

I shuffled back into the bathroom, and put on the clothes. The pants were a bit tight, but the sweater was big enough that it would cover anything up. I walked out, and made my way back into the kitchen, where I smelled the meal. I ran in.

"Eggs! Onion! Peaches! Cream!" I shouted, in amazement at the delicious meal that lay before my eyes.

Tanaka-sanlaughed. "Enjoy."

I nodded, and shoveled it all down my throat. I could get used to living with him… Maybe I would stay here.