Egyptian Nights: Chapter 1

"I am now proud to present Huntington University's graduating class of 2006!" Cheers erupted all around me and I added my own voice. Everyone began throwing their caps in the air; the breeze carried them lightly before dying down and dropping the caps on the bright green grass.

All of a sudden I found myself engulfed in a pair of burly arms.

"I'm so proud of you", a gruff voice said.

"Thanks Dad," I said, hugging him back. "It means a lot to me that you came."

"Did you honestly think I'd miss my youngest daughter's graduation day!?" In the distance we heard a voice call "Bethany! Over here!" I pulled out of my dad's embrace and saw my roommate and best friend Elizabeth, Lizzy for short, beckoning me with her hand. I looked back at my dad, who was smiling understandingly.

"Go on," He said for my own benefit. "I'll see you around later." I smiled at him and turned back towards Lizzy.

My dad and I hadn't spent very much time together the past few years. Three years earlier, while I was away at college, my mother was in a car accident and died at the scene. The other car had run a red light and T-boned her, but that person lived. Dad was never the same after that, though he tried his best. His hair grew even grayer and there was always a sad air about him. Whenever I looked into his eyes, there was always a bit of pain in the speckles of gray and blue.

I ran back into the crowd of screaming and hugging graduates and hugged Lizzy.

"We did it!" I heard her screaming for everyone to hear, and I heard other shouts mimicking her own. We pulled apart and Lizzy looked me square in the eye, her brown eyes were twinkling with amusement.

"You know what this means don't you?"

" Hell yeah!" I yelled. "It's time to get drunk!"

"You're telling me!" I heard a deep voice behind me say. I spun around and found myself looking at Alex Krupp, the heartthrob of our class. Don't worry through, he was not my man, and I didn't view him that way either. We grinned at each other and then he looked over my shoulder.

"Hey there Lizzy!" Alex was trying to sound casual, anyone could tell, but there was a little twinge of something hidden in his voice. "You weren't thinking of partying without me were you?" I slung my arm around his shoulder.

"Alex, you know that you are always welcome to come with us when we get smashed!"

"Totally!" Lizzy said, as she slung her arm around his other shoulder. "Especially if you're buying!" We started laughing and getting into a conversation about where we should go and when to meet up. Alex's eyes hardly ever left Lizzy, who was completely oblivious about his feelings for her. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone would ever look at me that way. When we agreed on the time and place we all went our separate ways to get ready for our celebration night.

When I got back to my apartment I called my two older sisters to catch up and talk about the beginning of my new life. Julie and Kathy had both become doctor's, just finishing up med-school as it was. I was the first person in my family who did not like science, and I was instead a history major. They generally didn't care about my profession choice, but at family reunions and such I had to deal with jokes at my expense from my uncles (also doctors) who felt that history was good for nothing.

The ceremony had ended just after noon, so I took my time chatting and getting ready for my celebration night. Once I'd showered and dried my light brown hair I decided to wear my favorite pair of jeans and a purple halter-top. I put my lip gloss in the little pocket inside the seam, almost invisible and making barely even a bulge where the gloss was. Lizzy offered to pick me up and we were soon on our way to the classic hangout, the pool hall.

"Oh yeah!" I said as we walked into the crowded hall with music playing in a corner.

"Let's get the drinks before it gets any more crowded," Lizzy said loud enough for me to hear. We headed towards the bar and sat down in two vacant stools. I ordered 2 drinks and I heard Lizzy call out Alex's name. I turned and saw her rush into his arms, oh and his face, Alex was loving that hug, but Lizzy obliviously pulled away and motioned for me to get over there as they sat down. I waited for the drinks and headed towards them, but then I stopped dead in my tracks.

There in the corner was Jake, my ex-boyfriend, making out with some random girl. My mind immediately flashed back to the night we broke up, which coincidently took place at the pool hall.

Lizzy had just ordered the jumbo burger and I was teasing her for being a pig, joking of course because she was the skinniest girl I'd met, and then I saw Jake walk in. I hadn't been expecting to see him there so I rushed to him. Suddenly, a skinny, tall, tan, blonde worked her way in front of me and into his arms. She practically shoved her tongue down his mouth and I just stood in front of them, dumfounded. When Jake realized he had an audience he looked over her shoulder into my eyes. He just smiled at me like we were good friends and said, "I think we should see other people." That was it. It ended so abruptly, I never saw it coming, just last weekend we had gone to a movie and made out through the whole thing! Didn't that mean things had been going well?

I snapped out of it and saw Jake look up at me. He smiled evilly, grabbed her butt and started making out with her more vigorously. Disgusted I walked over to the table where Lizzy and Alex were; they had worried looks on their faces. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm fine," I said. They looked skeptical. A waitress walked by with a tray full of shots and I quickly grabbed the whole tray. "I'm gonna be needing this." I could still feel Jake's cold, cruel dark eyes boring into mine as I slugged back the first of many shots.

"Oh boy. You're going to regret this in the morning," Alex said shaking his head.

"Probably," I agreed, and drank another shot.

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