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"DUDE!" came an all too loud voice for Reilly's liking.

"Hey Jake," he said tiredly.

"Man! Where have you been?! I haven't seen you since you were at the movie store with your chick! So how was the movie?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Reilly sighed; "The movie was fine, boring, but fine. It was the next morning at was bad."

He realized what that sounded like only after he said it.

"The next morning? You were that bad, huh?"

"Uhg! NO Jake, we both fell asleep during the movie, it was that boring."

"Uh huh, sure, whatever you say man. So what happened in the morning?"

"No one told you guys at school?"
"Told us what? You killed her or something?"

"No! Well... it was my fault..."


"NO JAKE!" Reilly said, rolling his eyes. "She got angry at me and went running out of the house she ran onto the boulevard and she got hit by a car."
"You're kidding me!"

"I wish I was..."

"The SAME thing happened to my girlfriend's cousin!"

"What?" said Reilly.

"Yea, here she comes, you can ask her about it! YO! KRIS!"

"JAKEY!" came the hysterical voice of none other than...

Reilly moaned, "Kristy..."


"Uh, it's Reilly..." he reminded her.

"Oh yea! Well whatever, same diff. You know Jakey!?"

"Yea, I do."

"Isn't he like, the hottest guy ever?!" she shrieked.

"Uh..." was all Reilly could manage. Before he could say anything else, Jake pulled Kristy onto his lap and they started making out.

"Uh..." Reilly said again, looking pointedly away, but it didn't make much difference, he could still hear them eating each other's faces.

"I'll see you around, Jake," he said, getting up and leaving.

Jake mumbled a reply, or maybe it was just the sound of him sticking his tongue further down Kristy's throat.

Reilly shuddered at that last thought. Kristy, of people... he would have thought that Jake and her would despise each other. But then again, opposites attract. On one hand, there was Kristy; an over eager flirt who adored to talk and was kind of self-centered and then there was Jake who was... an over eager flirt who adored to talk and was kind of self-centered. Well, maybe they did have something in common. Come to think of it, they were very much alike. Reilly shuddered at the thought that he had spent these past few months hanging around a male Kristy.

Was it smart to put them together to save the rest of the school population? Or would they feed off of each other and get worse? Could Kristy get worse? Was it really possible?

The day passed with no real action, unless you counted both times that Jake and Kristy broke up and made up. Reilly hadn't even known that it was possible to do that in such a short amount of time; but then again, this was Kristy and Jake.

The rest of the week passed like this, Kristy and Jake broke up and made up a few more times, but the relationship seemed almost steady by Friday. Imagine that, Jake, going steady with someone! It almost would have been an improvement, if his girlfriend hadn't been Kristy. The days seemed to be filled with endless;
-Jake and Kristy making out.
-Reilly reminding Kristy of what his name was.
-"Same diff. I knew it started with R."
Reilly counting the days until Josie would be out of the hospital.
-"If you weren't dating my cousin and I wasn't going out with Jake, I would sooo make-out with you!"
-Reilly attempting to call Josie at the hospital at lunch in order to get to speak with someone sane.

Was it just his imagination, or did every sentence she say end in an exclamation mark? This would surely drive him insane.

"Brigham General Hospital, Suzanne Coltish speaking, how may I help you?"

"Hello," he said, one day on the phone at lunch. "My name is Reilly Mc-"

The receptionist sighed; "I'll connect you, Mr. Mccrall."

"Thank you," he said. Was it just him, or was everyone who worked at that hospital rude?

"Hello?" came Josie's voice on the other end of the line.

"Hi Josie! How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, you?"

"I'm fine..."

"How's school?"

"Kristy and Jake are really getting on my nerves..."

She laughed; "I can imagine; they must be awful together!"

"You have no idea..." he said into the phone.

"Oh! Guess what!" she said excitedly.


"I get to leave tomorrow!"

"Are you serious? That's great news!"

"Isn't it? I'll be stuck at home for a few days, but after that they'll let me go to school."

"What about your pelvis?"

"I'll be in a wheel chair for a little while, but my aunt contacted the school administration, and they say that they'll give me a key to the elevator, so I'll be a bit late getting to my classes, but it'll be fine."

"Our school has an elevator?" he asked incredulously.

She laughed; "Yes, but it's off limits to students, its just for cargo."

"Oh... well there goes my chance at being lazy."

The pay phone beeped.

"Listen, my time's up on the payphone and someone's waiting for it; I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

"Alright, I'll talk to you then.

"Bye... love you."

"Bye, love you too."

He hung up the phone and got out of the way. Finally! He wouldn't be at school anymore. Josie would be fine, she hadn't had an attack in ages and the marks hadn't reappeared. Now she was going to out of the hospital and come to think of it, he could hear the lovely voices of Jake and Kristy in the hall.








Reilly walked into the caf to find Kristy running out, sobbing and Jake sitting alone, disgruntled.

"Had another fight with Kristy?" Reilly asked, sitting down in front of him.

"How did you know?" Jake asked, confused. He had not idea how loud he was.

"Wild guess," said Reilly.

"I guess we have been fighting quite a bit lately... think our relationship is on the rocks?"

Reilly gapped, he had never heard Jake refer to being in a relationship with any girl.

"You're pretty serious about her, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yea, I guess I am..." he said.

Knowing it would be smarter to avoid the subject, Reilly said nothing about it.

"Can I have a fry?" he asked instead.

"Sure," said Jake, handing over the carton. "I've lost my appetite anyways..."

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