The Ending

The rain fell, angry. The sun was nowhere and every single cloud in view was dark grey. The world around me did not show a tiny bit of happiness. I was looking out the window of my room, watching the raindrops run down the glass. I stood up, not really thinking about what I was doing. I felt it did not matter – not now. I walked out the door and stepped outside into the horrifying weather. I ran.

Running was something I enjoyed, something I loved. Something that made me feel free, running was what I loved best.

My long bright hair flew behind me, wet. My eyes filled, and tears ran down from them. The tears mixed with the powerful rain. The wind blew the rain into my face, stinging my cheeks.

What I felt, and what I thought…it hurt me. It hurt to think about what I just went through. I did not want to feel what I just felt.

I tried to forget. I tried to erase it from my mind. However, it felt impossible. It felt stupid to pretend it did not happen. It did, and it made me angry. I did not want it to end that way, end the way it had.

It was my sister, with a needle in her pale skin. Who looked exactly like me, she was my twin. Her blonde hair was sprawled on the floor. She looked like me, all our lives we have been proud of that. At that time, it was like seeing me, my dead self.

She did not move. No matter how much I screamed. No matter how loud I wailed. No matter how hard I shook her. I screamed and I shook her, until my dad took me away.

It felt like I lost a part of myself. That part was what I thought special. It felt like half of me was missing. Without that half, I felt like nothing.

I felt like the sun will never show itself. It felt like the rain would never stop.