Hey guys! I'm Alphawolf0226, but you can just call me Alphawolf or Alpha or whatever, for short. I am slightly new to fictionpress. I have actually had an acount here for awhile and I have been reading a lot of the stories on here for a long time. Anyway, this little thing was actually a writing contest entry of mine, for some violence thing. My parents and my friends thought that it was a very powerful message, so I thought "Hey why not make it my first story on Fictionpress?" So it is. I really hope all of you enjoy it! Now on with Aly's Diary.

Dear Diary,

The past few days were hard, Father seems to be getting even madder, if that's even possible. The beatings have increased to be about two or three times a day. I don't know why he's so mad anymore. It could be about the slightest thing, either bringing home a B from school, or maybe even just my boyfriend calling because he's concerned.

My boyfriend knows what's going on. He wants to tell someone, but I won't let him, so he doesn't. I even made him promise that he wouldn't tell. I tell him and all my other friends that the bruises, cuts, and scars are from when I fell playing soccer. But we all know that that's a lie. My father forbid me from ever playing soccer again about a year ago.

Funny, he used to support me in everything I did. That is…until mother died. She was in a car crash with my little brother, Jake. Neither of them survived. After that Father kept getting drunk, and that's when the beatings started…I was twelve. That was two years ago…now I'm fourteen, and as I stated before the beatings have gotten worse.

I tried to stop them by getting more involved with school and by staying away from home as long as I could. That just made him even madder. He calls me "stupid," and other names that are meant to hurt me emotionally. He tries to break me by doing that, but it doesn't work. My friends and my boyfriend are always there to support me.

They tell me that my father is wrong, and I know he is, but it still bothers me to hear him say that. Several times I thought about suicide, or at least cutting myself. But Ashton, my boyfriend, talked me out of it, even if it took a couple of days.

But...things have gotten gloomier. Father is close to locking me in my room and never letting me out. He's even forbidden me from seeing, or talking to, my friends. He took my cell phone, my laptop, and all the other electronics in the room except for the lamp on my desk.

Thankfully, after much begging, he let me keep this journal. Maybe someday, after I've died, someone will find this journal of mine, and reveal what a monster my father truly is.

Death…that sounds pleasant. To finally leave this place that has caused me so much pain and what? That's my one wish to just die and leave this hellish place again thoughts of suicide cross my mind, but once again they're pushed away by the memory of Ashton telling me that things will get better. I hope he's right.

But after what happened two days ago…I know he told, even though I made him promise not too. You want to know what happened? Well, I'll tell you, so that everyone knows my story:

Ashton was just bringing home some work from school for me, because I had missed so many days. Luckily my father had let me out of my room, as long as I "behaved" that is. I saw Ashton coming up the walk, and I quickly glanced at my father, he had seen him too.

He glared angrily at , me and I knew what was coming. I quickly ran to my room to grab my journal, I knew what would happen that night. As I turned around I saw my father standing in the doorway.

"You," he growled. He slowly came toward me, and backed me against the wall. I hugged my journal to my chest, trying to keep it safe.

As my father rose his hand to strike me a cry came from the doorway of my room, "Aly!" It was Ashton.

My father turned to him and, I took that moment to run to Ashton. I gave him the journal. "Please keep it safe," I told him, before my father pulled me back and slammed me against the far wall. Pain rushed through my back, but I didn't care. I looked up in time to see my father punch Ashton in the stomach.

"NO!" I cried, as I tried to get up. My father turned and pointed a gun at me, I didn't know he had one. I looked at Ashton with apologetic eyes, begging him to keep the journal safe. We both knew what was going to happen next. It didn't surprise either of us.

I heard the gunshot…and everything went black. You remember earlier when I told you that it was my wish to die? Well…I got my wish.


Ashton looked up from the diary in his lap, and at the grave in front of him. "You may have gotten your wish Aly. But what about the rest of us?" He told the grave, it was his first time visiting the grave since Aly's death. "It's funny…your spirit finished your story for you, but it didn't know what happened afterwards. So here it goes. Your father was convicted and sent to jail for a life sentence. Which means, I broke my promise to you and told. I ran and told the police as soon as the shot went off. And just as you had hoped, now everyone knows your story. Things haven't really changed, but I miss you Aly, I really do."

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see his mother. "Come on Ashton, time to go."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

His mother left him and he got up then looked up at the sky. "I wonder…is heaven as good as you had hoped?" He took one last look at the grave and left.

Under the roses placed there by Ashton, the grave read:

Here Lies Aly Key


A daughter, a friend, a loved one,

And subject to abuse by her father.

So...did you all like it? Please tell me you did. I actually worked really hard on this, even though it only took me, like, three days. And if any of you want me to continue this as an actual story, or if you want me to do a story of past diary entries of her's I will. I am open to the idea and I have some ideas for the entries, either future or past. Anyway, I've got to go, so please review and tell me what you thought, and tell me how much, if any, of an impact this had on you.