When Santa Tried to Rob the Pet Store

There was a shortage of something that night
And that Christmas just wouldn't be right
One of the children wanted a pet
And if he didn't get one the kid would be upset
It probably wouldn't have been a big deal
But Santa Clause would have to steal

Then Santa put on a black mask
This was going to be a big task
He slipped out into the dark of the night
He could see the pet store, it was in sight

He unlocked the door
To the Pets Galore Store

There was barking, chirping, and meowing of course
And Santa even saw a real horse
While he wandered around for the perfect pet
He hadn't realized there was an alarm set

He hadn't meant to do any harm
But that's not what the police thought when they heard the alarm
The police were hustling and bustiling about
"I'm sorry, don't put me in jail!" he did shout

Now what was that child going to do?
I bet he would have been happy with a shrew
As Santa got out the long list and grinced
He wanted to prove his innocence

"See, look at this, the boy wanted a pet."
Then he looked again, it was a fishing net
"Oops, I'm sorry, I'll be going now, right?"
"Yes Santa, get out of here, get out of sight!"

As he got in his sleigh, he chuckled "Ho ho!"
And he yelled to his reindeer "Here we go!"
He delivered the gift to the boy
Too bad he didn't want a toy
Santa thought about what the boy would want next year
Then he left with his reindeer
So here is a lesson to all of you out there
Always write clearly with tons of care!