"Slow and Steady"

Perhaps I'll end it with the pills,

finish with a few small thrills.

Or with cold steel, cut in deep.

And slip off slowly into sleep.

If from a noose I were to hang,

I'd linger, not go with a bang.

But gas may be the way to leave.

To breathe it in and cough and heave.

Or swim the sea to meet my death.

Among the sharks, breathe my last breath.

Why not you ask, just use a gun?

Well, slow and steady is much more fun!

In my english class we had to choose our favorite poet and then try to write in their style. I chose Dorothy Parker and had way too much fun! This was very much inspired by her poem "Resume" - if you haven't read it and enjoyed this poem at all, please go read it immediately! Its very easy to find online.