Its strange how this boy,

Just walked into my life,

And turned it,

Upside down.

The way he makes me feel,

So unbelievably irritated,

And yet yearn more,

To hear his words.

How is it

That he can,

Fill my life with such misery,

And yet make it seem worth living,

When he makes me laugh

And smile.

Everyone says,

We won't last long,

Just two different people,

From different backgrounds,

But that's what makes,

What we have so intriguing.

The way our hands,

Fit so perfectly,

And our hearts,

Beat so harmoniously,

As if we were meant,

For each other.

The way he pushes me

Into depths I've never known


Making me feel

Emotions I've never felt


People call us strange,

Foolish even,

When they see us dancing,

In the pouring rain,

Moving to the rhythm,

Of an imaginary song,

And they're right,

We are fools,

Fools in love.

And when he tells me

How much he loves me,

I know they're not just

Words he says,

They're more than that,

They're the feelings we share,

When we look into

Each other's eyes,

And when our fingers


Those words are the closest thing we have,

To magic.

I used part of the last two lines from the movie "Aquamarine".