I woke up the next morning with you in my arms; a nice feeling. It had been way too long since…well, since everything.

I looked down at your sleeping form. Your mouth was slightly open, your arms were around me and your head was on my bare left breast. Needless to say – because I do have breasts – it was slightly uncomfortable; not that you seemed to mind. I tried to extricate myself from your grasp, or at least move your head from its awkward and somewhat painful resting place on my chest. I finally gave up trying to be nice and shoved your head away; a palm on your forehead. You groaned, held me tighter and nuzzled your face in to my side.

Much better...

For some bizarre reason, I'd always liked watching you sleep. It was the only time that you were peaceful and…well…silent. We'd shared a room in the tour bus, much to the dismay of the other band members. They said they didn't want to have to hear us "porking" all the time. What lovely men.

I heard the bed groan with movement and was rudely jerked out of my thoughts.

I looked down at you once more, and a hazel eye peeked back at me from under the mass of dark hair. Those eyes grabbed at me. They narrowed and crinkled at the corners and I knew you were smirking. Probably gloating in your own way about the previous night. I smacked you lightly on the head as I sighed and resigned myself to a smile.

You moved to prop yourself up on your elbows and gently kissed the bottom of my chin. Planting soft, light kisses on my jaw-line and down to my neck…I leaned my head back to give you better access. You shifted your body to lie on top of mine, and the feeling of our naked bodies pressing together made me shiver pleasantly. You continued kissing down my body, holding my hips tightly.

When your hot mouth closed over my hardened nipple, I couldn't help but moan. You knew how to use that mouth; more expertly than when you weren't beating your gums. Which was rare. But at this moment my thoughts were jumbled as your tongue made patterns over the tight flesh.

I could already feel the start of your arousal pressing against my thigh and brought my hand down to it. I touched you brazenly, and you stilled…your mouth stopping it's movements against my breast. You shuddered against my ministrations and breathed a heavy breath on my chest.

Time to play…

I rolled over so that I was on top. Your hands automatically went to my hips as I placed my thighs on either side of you. You let out a strangled moan as I pushed my hips forward. Having utterly collapsed after our activities last night, we were both still very much naked. I put a hand between us and stroked your still rapidly hardening dick…running my fingers lightly along the length.

I leaned over and kissed your chest, licking your nipples and tugging them with my teeth. Hissing slightly from the pain, you arched your hips up into mine.

Whispering into your ear, I knew what you wanted me to do…what you wanted me to say. Dirty words had always turned you on, and apparently…whatever I said was very good.

I felt every muscle in your body tighten and strain against my form lying on top of you. Your breathing became harsh, your chest heaving. Eyes closed, tongue licking dry lips, furrowed brow and a movement to expose your enticing neck to me.

Having turned you on enough, I smirked and brought my head down to your neck…biting down hard enough to make you cry out.

"Look at me…"

Your eyes snapped open, and you watched – as I had commanded you to – as I moved down your body, stopping only when my head was level with your lower abdomen and your erect cock. Already weeping slowly with pre-come…it was wet and ready for me. I blew air softly on it, and goosebumps broke over your flesh. Your eyes closed once again with a heady moan, and I smacked your cock indignantly.

"Look at me…"

I once again said, having to raise my voice over your scream at the pain I had inflicted. Eyes once again opened, and glared at me as I smiled wickedly. I nodded my approval before turning my attention to the task at hand.

With you watching me – which only made it more arousing – I wrapped my hand around your shaft at the base; pumping you up and down until you moaned loudly. Over my hand, I placed my mouth on the head of your throbbing dick. I looked up at you, seeing you lick your lips and your eyes roll as you leaned your head back on the pillow.

I moved my tongue around your tip slowly…torturing you to the point where you bucked your hips into my mouth. As my mouth moved on the head of your cock, my hands pumped you…and you screamed in pleasure.

It had been a long time.

I took my hands and mouth away and you shuddered, looking back down at me.

I spread myself over your body, laying entirely on you. Feeling your dripping dick pressing against my thigh. I kissed your neck as I stretched my arm down to your shaft. I pumped you as I whispered in your ear.

"Do you want me?"

Your eyes closed, your lips parted as you moaned a breathy


I smiled against your skin as I asked you if you wanted me to suck you.

"Oh god…please baby…"

I squeezed my hand tighter around your cock and pumped faster…rubbing my body against you as I did so.

"Beg for me…"

Your moans became louder as I kept working you, your breaths becoming gasps and pants as you begged me to suck you off. You begged me to make you come, to make you scream. I loved hearing you whine for me, completely vulnerable to whatever I decided to do to you. I roughly tugged on you, and you grunted. You loved the torture and the pain just as much as I loved making you feel it.

I left you and moved back down your body. This time, without any further ado, I took you into my mouth. I sucked and moved my head up and down. You bucked into me, all attempts at restraining yourself gone. I raked my teeth against your length, and I felt you still. You gasped, screamed my name as you came so fucking hard for me. I felt your hot come in my mouth, and I heard your strained voice; raspy as you said


I looked up at you with a raised an eyebrow before I leant over and spit. You were in no place to make requests. In fact…because you did so…you'd have to return the favor.

I smacked your cock one last time...relishing the shocked – and pained - noise you made.

Crawling back up to you, you kissed me…tasting your juices on my lips. You began kissing me roughly, pushing your tongue inside my lips. Rolling over, you laid on top of me and proceeded to pleasure me in the same way I had you.

Leaning down, you pushed my thighs apart, so my already dripping cunt was open to you. Wasting no time, you bent down and began lapping your tongue on my juices. I reached my hand down to grab a fistful of your hair, holding you to me. You continued licking me like a greedy animal, wanting to wipe me clean with your tongue and make me dirty all over again. You took my clit between your lips and suckled on it…making my hands grab at the sheets and hold you tighter. I couldn't take it anymore…your mouth was hot on my already boiling pussy; I was so wet for you.

I was burning up; you were ceaselessly licking, sucking and nipping at my cunt, shoving your tongue inside over and over. I was going to come…you pulled back; licking your lips and the sight was probably the most enticing thing I'd ever seen.

"Come for me, baby…"

I was pulling your head back down to my pussy, and your tongue was inside me once again. I was thrashing and screaming as I felt myself constrict…but you kept pushing your tongue inside.

Exploding, white hot lava bursting through my veins as I came. I gave a merciless shuddering moan, and you stopped your movements. After licking a long stroke up my pussy lips…you came up and kissed me, holding me in your arms.

It was no use attempting to get out of bed to clean up. With that earth-shattering orgasm, the remnants of your come on your dick, and mine on my thighs…we probably wouldn't have been able to stand. Utterly sated, we lay there and fell asleep together.

Only to be awakened by desire once more, and probably soon.

Like I said…it had been a long time.


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