How do you save a soul

How do you save a soul?
I have many to reach
Those ashen stone and coal
Are the hearts dearest to me

Exactly who goes to heaven?
And can I insure a seat?
I could think of at least a dozen
Besides my mother, father and me

Those I love could fly with me
If I could have wings
Into the braches of my family tree
But if that's all make-believe

How do you recruit an angel?
I'm in desperate need
To revive the lines they've been strangled
Between my mother father and me

What should I wear as a beacon?
To call a god down to my side
I'm running deeply from reason
To keep this family alive

Where should I put in my token?
And where should I kneel to plead?
This family I fear has been broken
No more mother and father and me