Teller of Stories

He spoke:

"I will tell you a tale

of long ago."

That is how it begins.

"Of dragons and warriors,

Of magic and kings!"

A plot.

"Of a place that no longer exists,

and a place that has yet to become."

A place.

"I will tell you of a person

whose legend is known and

who has become great

in the eyes of all;

and yet never knew it."

A person.

To tell a story,

One needs these things.

That is all.

But, to tell a story that will be remembered,

It is not enough.

To become a teller of stories,

One needs to use

The heart, the mind, and the soul.

There are few masters

Of this art

In all the world.

"Perhaps you can add

To the dwindling number."

plot, place, person

mind, heart, soul

"I am sure you can."

He finished.

I asked him
"How does it end?"

He looked at me

and smiling, said

"To become a teller of stories

you must know one last thing:

Stories never end."