From the sunburn of my eye

Dribbles bursts of tie dye denial

Bone dry blessings smeared across

Your cake of backwards goodbyes

And heart ache takes pity

On the snake of your mistakes

Only to break the promise

Of whom you truly loved

Oh, beloved who shoved me

Over the side of your

b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t empire

Into the melting degrees of your

Hot topic shopping sprees…

Do you fucking see me?

Drowning in banshee cries

And sinking into the debris

Of your (he' ) eyes

Bitch, don't make me despise you

The lies that enforce you

Stripping my body black and blue

Like the flu that tears every particle

Of longing from the tattoo of your skin.

Oh but the tenderness of your sin

Sticking me painful like needles and

Rusty pins

Like ripping dreams from


So Eve digs within you for

The fornication of salvation.

The temptation of your redemption

Contemplates dedicated suicide

Newspapers print the stories

Of princesses falling from skyscrapers

Vaporizing in the heart of

The Miss Lonely who broke her fall

Mauled by tattered rag dolls

And it just doesn't


My veins like it used to, honey

Blood money is the bullet

In your side making you reside

In the middle of forbidden territory

Now you'll listen to my story

See, you thought you were number one

Always holding the gun

Shooting me with cracked glass

Just for fun. But.

You never thought

That I brought

My own wicked daggers


It was too late

To debate whether or not

I was good enough for you

Put your hands behind your head

And fall to your knees before God

Your Pleas are silent to the holy

And the gun between your eyes

Is speaking sweetly, blindly

And baby, don't you disappear.