"Ellie, my darling, do you have the homework done for Miz Robson's class?"

"Frankie, be a dear, and do it yourself." I turned around to see my twin pouting. Every girl I know in school would love to be in my position, but the sight of my brother's lips puckered out doesn't do anything for me—which is probably a good thing.

"Please, I'll wash the dishes tonight, do the laundry tomorrow, and—"

"I still do that all even if I do help," I interrupted. Whenever I give into Frankie's cajoling I still get stuck doing whatever he promised he would do.

Frankie just nods his head in agreement. He was probably remembering last weekend when he asked to borrow my car since his was in the shop. He promised he would wash it—and unless he believes in mud bathes he didn't do anything.

I shut my locker and was about to walk away when he said it. "I'll keep Max away from you."

Now to anyone who doesn't know about Max, let me clarify. He is the bane of my existence, and I am not just being a dramatic seventeen year-old in the mood for attention. No matter where I am he is there, professing his love for me. I just don't get him. Now don't go thinking I lead him on because I didn't. Five minutes after we were introduced for the first time, he proposed.

I was in fifth grade.

Six years have passed and we're both seniors. You'd think by now he would have taken the many the hint and moved on, but he hasn't. My best friend, Becca thinks it's romantic. I think she's insane. How is waking up at three o'clock in the morning to the horrible rendition of Nat King Cole's "L-O-V-E" song, romantic? In my opinion it is the worst thing ever. He couldn't even get the lyrics right and decided to do a remix—he combined the same-titled song by Ashlee Simpson.

I think I heard my dog start howling that night.

Back to the present…it only took me a total of seven seconds to get my homework out of my book bag and into Frankie's hands. If that doesn't tell you anything about my feelings for Max, then I think you're clueless.

Max, well he was Max. I've told him no, my ex-boyfriend got into a fight with him, hell, my father told him I was in an arranged marriage to the Duke of Greensleaferstein, and he still comes around. I don't even think that the Duke exists, and if he does, well he should think of a name change.

When we were in eight grade I had the unfortunate luck of being assigned to work on our English project with him. The look on his face was pure bliss, mine was pure horror. We had to split the project up and do it separately. I mean seriously, I couldn't do any research with him staring at me. He told me he was counting my freckles—fourteen on my nose, six on my right cheek, and three on my left cheek.

If that is the million dollar question—woohoo for me! I'm rich.

Frankie and I walked down the halls together, being jostled here and there. Today was the big day—the final pep rally for the championships. Frankie was the star quarterback of our football team and would be leading the team in. I would usually leave for these events—I get the worst headaches—but he is also giving a speech to boost up the school's spirit. Though, in my opinion the school's spirit is fine the way it is. I already counted thirteen students with their hair died green and black—the school's colors.

I was pushing the courtyard doors open when I saw him. I was about to hide myself behind Frankie, but Frankie turned to talk to one of his teammates, Eric


I contemplated running, but I had heels on and I'm not coordinated for the life of me. I waited for my torture to arrive.

"Ellie!" He screamed; his hands were waving in the air like a maniac.


I watched as the many heads turned to see what he was doing. He skidded to a stop in front of me; his hands were around clutching my arms to keep him from falling.

He brushed his shaggy hair off his forehead, giving me a smile. He leaned over to give me a kiss on my cheek but I pushed him away. He stumbled back, crashing into another student—freshman by the looks of her heavy-loaded book bag. He kept on apologizing as he helped her up although he could have insulted her by the dazed look on her face.

If he wasn't Max, I might have been infatuated with him. He was six-three, had wavy golden brown hair, green eyes, and a grin that could make any girls knees weak—well NOT mine! He volunteered as a lifeguard in the summer, worked at the bookstore during the weekends, and helped his father at the shop during the weekdays. He was in a sense perfect, other than the fact he was the horrible stalker.

I blinked when I saw a hand waving in front of my face. I shook my head and stared at Max's smiling face. If only he wasn't crazy, I might actually fall for him—not that I would ever tell anyone that. Not even Becca knew about my slight, barely non-existence, tenderness that I have for him.

"—And I was walking down the Main Street when I saw this and I immediately thought of you."

Wait, what?

I glanced down to see him holding a velvet jewelry box. You've got to be kidding me? Me? Jewelry? Hah! Next thing you know I'm going to be wearing a white dress.


"Now Ellie, you're going to love it. It's a white gold charm bracelet—I already added—"

I groaned. The charms probably crazy, just like Max. I started to turn to walk away, when I felt an arm go around my shoulder. I looked up to see, Eric White and my brother.

The grinning Eric leaned down a placed a chaste kiss on my forehead, "Sweetheart, are we still on for after the game?"

I was shocked. Eric, one of the most popular guys—wait…Frankie. I turned to see my brother smiling. He just shrugged and also grinned. Of course. Frankie's great plan was to get me a boyfriend. I glanced over at Max. He wasn't looking at me, but staring at Eric, a look of shock mixed with hurt. I felt bad, but…

I wheedled my way out of Eric's grasp, laughing when he tried to hold on.

"Maybe," I called over my shoulder when I walked away.


I laughed when I saw Becca jumping up and down in front of our French class. When I was close enough, she grabbed my arms and pulled me into class.

"Is it true that you are Eric…?"

I was shocked. I left the guys near the courtyard only thirty minutes ago and it was already circulating. "Nah…Frankie promised he would get Max of my back, so he asked Eric to help."

Becca nodded her head, vigorously, her blond curls bouncing up and down. "But—oh! Won't you just give him a chance?"

"Why, he can have any in the school? Plus, I don't date my brother's friends, it'd be too weird."

"Not Eric, Max."

I just stared at her. I felt like I was a fish in a bowl with my mouth hanging open. "Give Max—Max Dalton a chance?" The last word came out in a squeak, I couldn't, I wouldn't, I might actually fall for him…


Fall for him!

I started taking in deep breaths, this couldn't be happening. I couldn't like Max, he was—he was crazy.

He wore a bright green suit to prom last year…

He brought you soup when you were sick two weeks ago…

.He knows every line to Moulin Rouge

He decorated your locker when you won the science award…

He sings every song off key…

He stays after school to take you home when you have detention….

He also got Will Harris to leave you alone…

He knows your favorite flowers and isn't scared to tell you his true feelings…

But he's MAX!

"Ellie, come back to earth."

"Huh, what?"

Becca laughed, "You've been spacing for the past couple minutes, what were you thinking about?"

"…All the ways I would drive myself crazy if I even thought about listening to what you said. Come on, Becca, me and Max…it's never going to happen."

The bell rang and we walked to our assigned seats. Right before Mr. Farell comes in; Becca leaned towards me and whispered, "Never say never."

"Come on you guys can do better than that! Where's your guys' spirits? Freshman…."

The yelling got even louder on the right. I covered my ears, but I could still hear them. This is one of the worst tortures ever committed in this prison—I mean school of learning.

"Ell, it's not that bad."

"They're all staring at me."

I glanced over to my left to see a bunch of juniors glaring. What the hell…one arm on the shoulder and I've been fed to the piranhas. Frankie better be proud of me.

I glared right back, "What a bunch of sluts…did you see how short their skirts are, if they bend over, I will literally stab myself in my eyes—"

I stopped and looked around when I heard the screaming intensify. Becca pushed my chin to the stadium and I stared…




"Please tell me that isn't…"

"It is."


"In my office, Dalton!" Principle Miller stalked over to Max, who was standing on next to football team. The only difference was that every team member had jerseys on, whereas Max was only wearing his—

Becca started laughing. "Does his boxers say 'I Heart Ellie'?"

I dropped my head into my hands, only to feel Becca pull my hair. "What?" I growl. She just pointed.

I watched as Max and Principle Miller argue. We were to far away to hear what was exactly being said, that is until Max yelled, "I just want to ask her out!"

"My office, Dalton!"

That's when he did it. Max grabbed Miller by the back of his head and kissed him.

Straight on the lips.

Like I said, Hole Lee Crap!

"Now that you're quiet, can I ask Ellie, the love of my life, if she will go out with me?"

Becca pushed my head back down onto my hands.

I do believe my life just ended…

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