Ellie's POV

I pulled the pillow over my head, ignoring the incessant knocking that was being pounded away on my door. When I heard my bedroom door slowly creek open I flipped my head, not wanting to see who was at the door. I heard the rush of footsteps running towards my bed, but thought nothing of it.

Bad idea.

The next thing I knew, I was trying to push Frankie off of me as I gasped for breath. The idiot. I was going to kill him, cut him up into small little pieces and feed him to the neighbor's dog. Was I that bad of a person that God had to leave me with this idiot twin? Who in his right mind jumps on top of his sister at—I peeked at my clock in the middle of my mental tirade—6:45 in the morning! Shoot me now, put me out of my misery, I beg of you…

"Ell Bell?" Frankie asked, rolling off my stomach. I sat up and started coughing as the rush of air entered my body. "Are you feeling better?"

Deep breath, be the better person. Don't sink to his level. Hah! I wasn't going to let the idiot get off scotch free. I jumped on top of him, drawing my comforter with me as I forced him onto his back. Going for his sweet spot, I started poking his sides. Frankie started squirming in my bed, trying to throw me off. I should have realized he was planning an attack when he stopped moving but I thought I won. The comforter that was tangled around my legs was unraveled so that I fell off my bed.

"DAD!" I tried yelling, but it only came out in a hoarse whisper. I hate the rain, I hate the stupid car, hell at the moment I hated Max. When I started coughing uncontrollably, I grabbed a pillow that was somehow at the edge of my bed and pulled it onto the floor. Giving my comforter an extra tug, I watched it float on top of me with half opened eyes.

"Ellie you have that math test to take," Frankie said, shaking my arm.

"Take it for me," I said, pointing a finger at my closet. I was too tired to explain the crazy thoughts that were going through my head. He was my twin; he could take it for me. At the moment I was couldn't comprehend that Frankie, though my twin, looked nothing alike me. "Use tissue paper," I muttered against my pillow.

"You want me to wear your bra?" Frankie asked incredulously, slowing backing away from my makeshift bed.

"Mmmm," I mumbled, agreeing to his question.

"Ell Nicole Pearson, I don't care how sick you are feeling, if you don't tell me your joking, I'm going to resort to bodily harm," Frankie said, affronted by my suggestion. I mumbled, once again agreeing with whatever he was saying, I dragged the comforter higher.

Why were men so obtuse? Was it that hard to connect the…I smiled when I thought about Saturday night. Maybe all men weren't obtuse, Max had no problem connecting the dots when he—"Mountains."

"Dad!" Frankie yelled. I opened one eye and peered at him. What was he doing in my room? Why was I on the floor? I touched my forehead with my hand, trying to stop the stampede of tango dancers that was using my brain as the dance floor. I sighed when I realized it didn't work. "Stupid dancers," I muttered.

"Ell Bell," my dad said, sitting on the floor next to me. I smiled at him, "Hey daddy," I whispered before sneezing all over him. "Sorry," I muttered, closing my eyes.

"Dad you have to convince her to come and take the test today," Frankie begged. I thought about throwing my pillow at him but realized that I wouldn't have anything to lay my head against. I wrapped my arm around my pillow, shielding it from the evil pillow Nazis. Stupid men, I thought, trying to take my pillow away from me. I'll sneeze on any of them that come close enough, I thought will a smile.

"Frankie she's sick. She's not going to school today," dad argued.

Smart man.

"But dad, you don't understand. It's the calc exam. Mrs. Freedmen gives ten points extra if everyone is there. Ellie needs to come," Frankie pleaded.

"Did you study?" dad asked. I opened one eye and watched Frankie slowly nod his head.
"Then you don't need the extra points."

"But dad," Frankie started to say but stopped when he saw the glare he was receiving.

"I'll go," I muttered, sitting up. "But I'm coming home right after the test."

Frankie leaned over to hug me but I pushed him away. "I'm sick."

Dad ruffled my hair. "That's what you get staying out in the rain all Saturday night," he said, frowning.

I rolled my eyes. "Daddy I'm too sick to get a lecture," I pleaded. He sighed and shook his head. I grinned as turned around and used my bed to force himself to his feet. Holding out my hand, Frankie helped me to my feet and pushed me towards my bathroom. I deserved a reward, I thought staring at the dark circles under my eyes. I was going to school like this?

"Just think, Max is probably just as sick as you are," Frankie growled. I nodded my head, not mentioning the fact that he wasn't feeling so well when he called my cell phone at eleven yesterday morning to wish me good morning. He sounded like a frog croaking his greetings.

I grinned; maybe it wouldn't be that bad, I thought reaching for my toothbrush.

Note to oneself, when you are sick, never in a million years think that you can pass a calc test, even after the cajoling from one own brother. Passing? More like failing…

Since I was already in school, I thought it would be better if I got my homework. Relying on Frankie was never a good idea. As I trudged through the stampede of people, ignoring the weird glances I received from my classmates—what none of them ever see a girl in sweats?—I walked towards my English class. My head was already pulsating and with the addition of everyone talking, pounding my head against a locker seemed very tempting.

"I'm sorry I made you come," Frankie said, walking next to me.

I barely nodded my head as I stared at the floor.

"It wasn't that bad, was it?" he asked.

I already covered that men were stupid, haven't I?

I grunted my answer. Frankie suddenly pulled my arm, dragging me in the opposite direction. I tried to loosen his grip, but he shook his head. "Why don't you let me take you home now? I hate to tell you this but you look really bad. You don't want to ruin your image do you? Sleep sounds good; do you hear your bed calling you? I promise I'll get all your homework for you? Scouts honor," he said. My eyebrows rose at the desperation in his voice, but I didn't think anything of it.

"You were never a boy scout," I muttered, dragging my feet.

"Minor technicality," he replied.

I glanced over my shoulder, only to have Frankie grip my forehead. "You are definitely burning up. You might be contagious; going home is the best thing."

I tried glaring at him, but my eyes refused the motion. I was about to follow him when I heard Max scream, "What the hell is your problem, White?!"

Frankie groaned, muttering, "Why couldn't you keep your mouth shut?" He let go of my arm and I turned around, ignoring the dizziness as I watched Eric push Max against the courtyard window.

Max's POV

I hurried up the stairs, hoping to catch sight of Ellie before she entered her math class. I told Dex that I wanted to wish her good luck, but I think he saw through my pretense. I really just wanted to see her. I was three classrooms away from hers when the bell rang. I stopped in the middle of the empty hall, glancing towards my right and left. I was about to open my notebook and write a false office note, when I heard Mr. Dermot's heavy footsteps approach. Mr. Dermot, like Principal Miller wasn't so happy about the pep rally incident. I knew that he would have his late pass/detention notebook out as soon as he caught sight of me.

Just as I saw his shadow turn the corner, I ducked into the nearest room, barely sparing a glance at the blue circle in the middle. Slumping against the door, I glanced around the room, breathing a sigh of relief when I realized I was in a bathroom. My gaze wondered over the sinks, the mirrors, before widening in horror. There were no urinals.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, I thought, shutting my eyes. Please let there be no girls, I prayed, already picturing a girl walking out of a stall and screaming when she saw me. That would be just what I needed, more trouble. I tapped my foot as I waited to hear Mr. Dermot walk by. When I heard his footsteps pass by, I waited a minute before sticking my head out of the door. Looking around the hallway, I saw that it was empty. Slipping out of the bathroom, I ran out, heading towards the stairs.

With one final glance towards Ellie's classroom, I took the stairs, two at a time, heading towards my classroom. Peering through the glass window, I saw Mr. Fonoe's back was turned towards the seats. I slowly opened the door, ignoring the eye-roll I received from Dex as I walked in.

"Detention Dalton," Fonoe said, still writing on the board.

My head thumped against the desk when I leaned down. "Sir, I couldn't help it. I swear I saw a yellow fairy dancing in the air. It would be against the God of Scientific Research of Unknown Species not to follow it. The pesky fairy led all the way towards the auditorium before I lost it in the drapes. I was able to find some yellow powder though, which I took for evidence—."

"Do you have the 'evidence?" Mr. Fonoe asked, turning around to glance at me.

I gave a quick smile. "I lost it in the bathroom." I said with an innocent shrug.

Mr. Fonoe rolled his eyes. "I find your purple polka-dotted elephant dancing in a blue tutu excuse better. Now back to the Second Red Scare," he said, turning to the board.

I shrugged and got out my notebook, ready to take notes as I counted the minutes until the bell rang.

"You really need to come up with better excuses," Dex said as we walked past the cafeteria, towards the courtyard. "Why didn't you just write yourself an excuse?"

"That would be against the rules," I gasped with false exasperation. I waited a few seconds before adding, "Plus I forgot."

We laughed, taking the six minute break to meander to class. "So no one has bugged you about the big decision?" Dex asked.

"Shockingly enough I wasn't cornered as I was getting out of my car. I think that they are waiting for a big moment…" I trailed off, wondering when that moment would be.

I stumbled against someone's foot, grabbing the back of Dex's shirt to keep from falling. I turned around to see who the culprit was.

Eric White.

He smirked and stood up. "Why don't you watch where you're goin'" he said, pushing me backwards.

I glanced at Dex, wondering if he knew what the hell White's problem was, but Dex shrugged.

"Are you going to say anything?" White asked, pushing me once again.

"What do you want White?" I asked, straightening my shirt.

"Want?" he sneered, getting in my face. "I want you to stop messing with her."

"Who?" my carelessly asked question seemed to push him over the edge as he grabbed the collar of my shirt.

"What the hell is your problem, White?!" I yelled, louder than expecting as he slammed me against the courtyard window.

I shrugged my shoulders, loosening his grip as I turned around and shoved him back towards the tables. He tripped over one of the chairs, falling towards the ground. I smirked and asked nicely, "What do you want?"

White stood up, fuming as he stalked back towards me. "Why the hell do you keep playing games with the Megan and Ellie?"

"I'm not playing games," I answered calmly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ellie walking towards us, Frankie following as he shook his head.

"So you think it is fine to kiss Megan and Ellie—I'm assuming that you did kiss Ellie right?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"It's none of your business who I kiss."

"Then who do you like more? You've never been afraid to announce your love to Ellie then why aren't you doing that now? Does she know that you were the one that kissed Megan at her front porch or did you blame say that Megan jumped you?"

I glanced at Ellie, seeing her frown. I groaned, wondering why she would be frowning when she already knew that I kissed Megan.

Sam suddenly appeared behind Frankie, with a camera in tow. He was grinning as if he just found his biggest scope right here in the cafeteria. Looking around the room, I saw that everyone's attention was on me, including Megan's.

"I think that is a very good question," Sam said walking towards me with a microphone in his hand. "Who are you going to choose?"

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So I have something else for you guys…this is what happens when I get really bored and am too wired to sleep...

Writer's Block

The tapping of the foot wouldn't stop as I stared into the computer screen by fingers itching to type but had no sense of direction. Those ten digits sat carefully next to the space button, staring at the largest block wondering if anything would ever get written.

"Why not talk to me instead?" I glared at the screen, trying to ignore the voice that came from my right. A useless effort, but one I hoped to succeed in. Die fighting and all that jazz, except I wasn't so keen on the dying part.

"Come on, I don't bite, I'm actually a very nice guy. A little on the crazy side, but I must say it fits my personality."

I can't hear you, I can't hear you.

"Why are you chanting, you can hear me just fine," he said. Even though I couldn't see him, I could picture his grin as he stared at the back of my chair. "You know you want to turn around," he cajoled, his voice wrapping around me as I gave into temptation and swirled around in my chair.

"What do you want?" I said, my voice conveying the anger I didn't feel.

"Are you bored? I'm bored? Do you want some ice-cream? Oh, oh how about gumdrops. I was watching that show on Disney—hmm…what was it called—anyway it had a clown and guess? Gumdrops! Can you believe it? Ah to be that young, that innocent…" he trailed off, his eyes glazing over as he thought about his favorite candy.

"That immature?" I asked but rejected the idea quickly. "Never mind, you're already immature."

"Immature?" he gasped, placing his hand on his chest as he slumped back on the chaise. "I'll have you know that you are the one who wrote me, therefore you are the one who's immature."

I glared at him, already forming a plan in my head that involved a sharp turn and not-responding car. His eyes widen as he suddenly jumped towards the ground, falling on his knees. He scooted closer, clasping his hands in front of me. "Please don't kill me off, please don't kill me off. I'm too young to die, too lovable. All I ask is for me to get the girl, that isn't to hard now, is it? All you have to decide, Ellie or Megan."

I slid down in my chair as he mentioned those names. Therein lies my problem, I thought. "Who do you want?" I asked, hoping he would say a name.

"You're the writer, you decide," he looked at me like I was crazy. Me crazy—he's the one who kissed the principal in his boxers. He rolled his eyes at my lame excuse.

"You're imagination," he muttered, staring at the ceiling.

"You better not by asking God why you were stuck with me," I warned.

"Never," he exclaimed. His green eyes conveyed his confusion as he moved to sit Indian-style. "Who do you want me with?" he pouted.

"I don't know. I like Ellie, but I also like Megan."

"How about both?" he asked, his voice deepening, before he shook his head. "Sorry, my stupid conscious took over for a second," he said apologetically.

"Both?" I asked, trying to think of how I could work that into the plot.

"I am not a player," he said, affronted by the thought.

"Fine, ruin a perfectly good line. You could have dated both girls, secretly of course—until the found out and dumped you for each other," I said.

"Megan and Ellie hooking up, that's as far off as me and Becca shagging at a party."


"Austin Power is allowed to say it."

I scrunched my nose and shook my head. And he says he doesn't have a mind of his own…

"Why don't you ask the reviewers, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to help," he said, brightening at the idea.

"I think you might actually have a good thought here," I said, my fingers already typing out the question. I stopped and started to hit the backspace button.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Max asked, standing up to peer at the screen.

"They might like you better. Why don't you ask?"

Max shook his head; he leaned forward and whispered, "I get stage fright."

"You almost hooked up with Megan at a party in front of everybody. Ignore your stage fright."

He sniffed, "Must you bring that up?"

"Is this your way of saying Ellie?"

"Ellie is the love of my life, but Megan was able to actually understand me. Ellie ignored me for years, Megan thought about me for years. Ellie doesn't look at me the way Megan does, her eyes shining with love, but do I love Megan? Am I ready to have my heart broken by either girl?" he asked as he gripped his head, causing his hair to stand straight up. "Why must you torture me this why?"

"Stop complaining and as the reviewers, remember to be nice, they decide your fate."

"Unless my car suddenly slides of the ramp and rolls into a ditch, slamming into a tree and combusting. I'll try to open my seatbelt but it won't come undone. I'll struggle and start hyperventilating as I slowly die," he said dramatically.

I rolled my eyes. Why did I ever think him up?

He snorted. "Because I'm lovable," he said, hugging me in my chair. I squeal and push him away. "Don't you try anything cute," I warned.

This time he rolled his eyes. Taking the keyboard away from me, he wiggled his fingers before rapidly typing.

Here's your chance, who should I end up with? Ellie, the love of my life or Megan the girl who can kiss so well I swear she'd cause a monk to change his beliefs.

I glanced over his shoulder and shake my head. "That better be your conscious taking over again."

He grinned before hitting the enter space. "Fine I'll try again."

To my lovely reviewers—damn, stop hitting me; I'm trying to write here. Of course they review because of me? What you think they like you? Nope, it's all me baby, all me! Shit, she's looking at me likes she's planning something evil. I'm melting; I'm melting…oh is that chocolate? Yum…

"Okay I'll try again, stop with the glare,"

Sorry, ignore the above passage. I'm torn with indecision on which girl I should end up with. My heart argues that Ellie is the one for me, while my head says to go with Megan. I find both women equally attractive, but I'm not going to play them both. I want love—yes, I am a guy that is willing to admit his feelings—thus I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, will you help decide? Thank you for your time and consideration. The girl with the highest votes win…

Max backs away. "Girl with the highest votes—do you think that is degrading?"


"Well that's throwing away emotion, true love, destiny, fate, I'm messing with karma."

"You're a character in a story."

"That's your writer block talking. You know you love me, you want to kiss me—if you kiss me, would you kiss the screen or the air?"

"I'm not kissing you."

"Take the joy out of my life," he muttered as I pushed him out of the way. "What are you doing," he asked worryingly.

Cynically Amused speaking—well writing—but you get the point: If you don't think Max should end up with Ellie or Megan and he should be alone, vote for that as well!

"You didn't," he gasped, trying to take the keyboard back. "Don't scratch it's not nice," he complained, holding his small cut towards his mouth. "I don't like you anymore," he said childishly.

"Don't kill me," he suddenly whispered, pouting.

I rolled my eyes, pushing my chair back as I stumbled out of the room.

"Hey where are you going? I wanted to play Scrabble? Come on; don't leave me alone in the dark—you know how active my imagination is. I swear that better be you walking in here—shit, where's a black hole when you need one?"

So the reason behind this: I have two endings planned, one for Ellie and one for Megan. I'm only planning on posting one...whoever wins the poll...so yeah, decide because I don't really mind!

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