You lie silent there before me
The words whispered in your heart
Dulled down, eroded into nothing
And everything, yet fallen apart

I live so you may face redemption
I cry so you can get some sleep
Confined, like a prisoner's intervention
For their jailer's love they may keep

I try to lie but I'm not broken
Instead, whole living in your past
So when, the bitter season's reigning
I'm accustomed to making the dead last

The breaths your corpse expels are taking
My soul to glue it back together
White hands, completing a long puzzle
Whose's edges have started to weather

Did you know that somehow I would freeze myself
And hide your body in my house, to tease
My patience, and everlasting pleasure
Of mourning the dead to see Peace

You left your reflection in the sink
It swiveled, swiveled, swiveled down the drain
Hot water poured down the porcelain
Washed away, you left behind no pain

You used to sing of things satanic
Sometimes I used to think that you were wrong
You left with your cracked lips parted
The silence fills my heart with your song

The memory of you here is so vivid
A watercolor paiting behind my eyes
And so, until the day I kiss you
I'm going to keep telling the same lies

And when the memories drive me crazy
You left your battered weapon in the drawer
For now, I'm simply sitting, waiting
For death, your memories and nothing more