Through the shadows walked a girl. Her eyes were completely black and not a speck of white could be seen in them. Her black hair swung in the wind. She was dressed in all black, black baggy pants and a black shirt cover by a long leather trench coat. On the bottom of her boots, you could see blood from her battles with "them". She looked much like them with her long fangs that hung from her mouth, but she did not feed off of the living in the mortal world, she fought those who did.

Although this was her destiny, she wouldn't much rather been one of them. Who were they, they were vampires, some of a new breed. A breed that was new, a breed that looked like her. The entire new breed had black eyes so they could stay in the sun. All had black hair, and all wore black. She was the only one of her kind that was sent to help, or that's as far as she knew.

Walking down the ally she noticed a door, totally made out of metal, with a hand print burnt into it. She opened the door and walked in. A voice grumbled.

"Your late," the sound came from a man sitting in a large chair, he was a vampire.

"I didn't know you were expecting me," she replied.

"I was, I have people who keep watch. What are you doing here, what do you want?"

"I'm new to this world, I needed to search it, something they wanted me do to."

"I was never informed of this."

"Oh, I'm sorry then, I must have come to the wrong place."

"No, you're in the right place…" Just as he said that he took out a sword. "Who are you?"

"I am Lightray, I mean you no harm, I must be going." When she said this, his faced changed.

"Why didn't you say so before, I am just as you, not a vampire, but I look like one, why did you come here?"

"I honestly don't know," Lightray said as she picked up a crow.

"Just brought here by will, I see. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Damen. You know why you were here when you were born, but I did not, I had to discover the truth as I lived my life."

"Is that why you told me," asked a boy. He was about sixteen years old, about the same age as Lightray. She turned around to face him.

"I am Aidan," he said to Lightray. He had black spiked hair and had all the same characteristics as she did, except his eye weren't all black, they were normal blue eyes.

"You have blue eyes, but you're like me."

"I don't know why, I was always like this. They think that I am half new breed- half old but, they don't know who I really am."

"You're the same as me," Lightray said in amazement.

"I guess so, we are a team now." As he said this he turned to pick up a completely black hawk.

"A team?" Lightray turned to face Aidan "I have never worked as a team, what makes you so sure this will work?" Aidan looked surprised. Yet he wasn't angry. He just stood there stroking the black hawk.

"That's you choice, do you want to work with me," he asked Lightray.

"Give me time to think it over, I will be back tomorrow."

"We will be expecting you," replied Damen. When he said that Lightray walked out the door. I wonder what I should do; I can't go on much longer fighting all of them on my own, she thought. When she reached the end of the alleyway there stood one of the new breed. The girl growled.

"Are you against us… are you against your own kind, do you wish to kill yourself, why were you in there?"

"Who are you," asked Lightray.

"I am Darkray, why do you ask." Lightray smiled this way the girl who was named to be the one to kill all those who oppose the new breed.

"I like to know the name of the people kill." With this Lightray flipped up into the air and kicked Darkray in the stomach. Then Lightray took out a steak and went to kill Darkray, but something was there that stopped it. She forgot that the new breed had the same things she did.

"Have you forgotten, Titanium armor." But this did not halt Lightray she grabbed a special knife from her pocket and tried again. This time Darkray moved. Darkray also took out a knife. She pushed Lightray against the wall and held the dagger up to her neck.

"You're not like us at all, you're like the humans, you can die that same way!"

"What gave me away," asked Lightray.

"You went into that man's house, I already know all about him…" Darkray was about to go on when Lightray kicked her in the stomach and started running. As her feet touched the ground water came splashing up from the puddles. Lightray could hear Darkray running after her. They both had leather trench coats that swung in the wind. Lightray caught up speed, but then suddenly into an open city draining system. She fell into a huge puddle of muddy water and quickly got up. Just then she heard the rumble of thunder and she knew she had to keep on going.

She started running again. Soon the sound of Darkray running after her could be heard. Also the sound of heavy rain had begun. Soon the drainage pipes began to fill, with huge gushes of water at times. Still she continued running. Darkray was right on her trail. Then she saw the lid of a drainpipe she pushed it up and jumped though the hole. She looked below her and all she could see was Darkray being pushed further by the wave of rainwater.

"I've got to get a new job," muttered Lightray to herself.

"I agree," said a voice.

"Not you…"

"Yes, I thought you'd be happy to see me, your old friend Night."

"Hardly, as for that whole 'old friend' part I have no idea what you are talking about, you must have been on something."

"No, I believe not."

"Oh, well than it was wishful thinking then?"

"No, you know I can see the future. And that future is you and me."

"Yeah… right… you know what your talking about." Replied Lightray sarcastically.

"Won't you stay, you have nothing better to do," replied Night.

"As true as that may be you the last person I want to spend time with. Plus remember I have a whole race to destroy."

"That's just a story you tell to scare people away. I know it's not the truth."

"Oh, really. Well than you'll have to wait one day when I destroy the vampires you will know how true it is." Then she walked away. That kid Night he knows the truth be he won't face it, why must I deal with that vampire everyday, thought Lightray. Then she walked into a deserted building. She pushed away a few boxes and uncovered another doorway. She entered it. This was her home. On the wall was scratched "No Hope" it was put there by someone who was there before her.

"How was your day," asked a quiet voice.

"How did you find out where I lived?"

"Did you run into Darkray?"

"Answer my question first."

"Damen told me, he knew how to find you." Lightray turned to face him it was Aidan.

"Who else did he tell?"

"No one, don't you trust him?"

"I don't trust you or him."

"You have good reason for that, as do I to not even trust you, but I have."

"Wow that makes you special," replied Lightray sarcastically. "Now leave me alone, I said if I wish to join you I would tell you tomorrow, no earlier."

"I'll leave." As he said this he walked out the door. Lightray leaned against the wall. Then she muttered to her self,

"How do I get involved with these creeps." Outside it was still raining and she could hear the sound of thunder. No one lived anywhere near her in the city except for a few homeless people and the occasional wandering drug addict.

Other than that Lightray was completely alone. That's how it was as far as she could remember. She knew she was born, she knew she had a destiny, and she knew that ever since her birth, if she ever was born at all. Lightray could not remember ever having parents, or even wondering if she did.

Then there was a knock at her door. She went to go answer it. She opened the door and there was Aidan. He was completely drenched from head to toe. Lightray gave a slight laugh.

"You can stay the night," Lightray said between laughs. The Aidan also began to laugh,

"Thank you, I got a little wet out there." She went back to where she was standing before.

"Aren't you going to sleep," asked Aidan. Lying down on an old couch.

"Eventually, I don't sleep much. Plus a lot has been going on."

"Like what?"

"You and Mento, the first appearance of the new breed, and a lot of information about the new breed scares me."

"What are their advantages?"

"They can go out in sunlight, and make it look like their not vampires. Only new breed vampires could bite a new breed vampire. They can walk anywhere they want no regulations at all. They're just like humans except they live longer. And they can only be killed by steaking them. Not even fire can harm them."

"Anything else."

"They all ware titanium armor under their clothing, and they all carry daggers." Aidan stared at her.

"We'll take care of it."

"Yeah, I guess we will."

"So does that mean you're in?"

"I realized tonight that I can't fight them on my own, yes, I guess I'm a part of the team." Lightray sat down in a chair and fell asleep.

"I wonder what tomorrow holds for us," said Aidan to him self.

It was about 12:00 a.m. when Lightray had awoke. Aidan was still asleep so she decided she would take this time on her own to go find that girl Darkray. She knew very well that Darkray had some close connection to herself, but in what way she wanted to know. She walked out the door hopping that Aidan wouldn't awaken and wish to come with her.

She walked down the deserted city streets toward where she last saw Darkray. Nothing was there to show anything of what happened the day before. Then she saw the deserted building where Night normally hung out, I really hate that guy, but he seemed to know about Darkray. She walked in a backdoor. As she did rays of light ran though the room in front of her.

"Close it now," shouted Night.

"Thought you'd be happy to have me come to you, rather than you come to me for once."

"Happy to see you, but not the sun."

"Get sunglasses."

"Or I could talk to someone and become a new breed."

"Talk to who?"

"You are one of them, you should know, or were you born that way."

"Born, like this. Who could you talk to, to become a new breed…"

"I don't know if I should tell you or not…"

"I don't have time for your games, tell me!"

"What does this mean to you, why do you need this information so bad?"

"Like I told you so many times before, I have a race to destroy. I need this information to help me. Put the pieces together, do I have to spell it out for you?"

"No, I believed you all along, except I needed more proof," Night turned his head to face the wall. "I didn't want to think, think that the only reason you are here was to kill me, do you understand that?"

"Can't say I do. I wasn't just sent here to kill you, I was sent here to save all of the mortal world," then Lightray let out a laugh, "and to kill you."

"You're just like us," mumbled Night. "Just like us."

"What does that mean, I'm nothing like you, I don't feed off of people…"

"You have a cold heart, you are the same as us. You live the same…"

"Yeah except for the diet," replied a voice. Then out of the shadows came a younger boy.

"Who are you?" asked Lightray.

"I am Link, you?"

"I doesn't matter, she was sent here to kill us, go back," Night said to the boy and he did what he was told.

"Please explain," said Lightray to Night.

"His a little boy I bit last night, the first human I ever did bite. I felt bad, he was so little, now he my little brother. He's only seven. I'm going to try and teach him to be more like a human, because that's what a took from him."

"What happened to you, why are you acting like this," asked Lightray.

"Because, just a few days ago I remembered."

"Remembered what?"

"How I became a vampire, and what it was like before I had."

"Then why not just tell me, who is creating the new breed vampire?"

"Because I do not wish to be destroyed."

"I promise to tell everyone that would kill the vampires not to kill you or your little brother."

"You know if I was human I'd be learning how to drive about now."

"Isn't that a little off the subject?"

"The person who is turning others into new breeds is Simus, with him you will find Darkray."

"Where can he be found?"

"Enter though the fifth gate…"

"I hate going into the other world."

"It's the only way, Aidan surly knows his way around there, he's spent most of his life there," replied Night with a rough tone of voice.

"Already jealous?"

"Well, I wasn't invited to the slumber party…"

"Would you go with me into the other world."

"Sure, although someone would need to watch Link."

"Take him back to my place, I'll see if Aidan will watch him for you." Night smiled and called Link to him.

"Link, we're gonna go for a walk, now remember what I told you, don't let anyone see your teeth," Night warned Link.

"Okay." Smiled Link and as he did he made sure he didn't show any of his teeth. Lightray looked at the little boy trying to remember her own childhood.

Aidan stood in Lightray's home by himself. The only thing on his mind was what happened to her, but then he remembered exactly whom he was dealing with. I should never worry about that girl; she's fine on her own. Just as he thought this in though the door walked Night, Link, and Lightray, but they had another girl with them.

"Who are you," asked Aidan.

"I'm am Night, and this is my little bother Link," smiled Night. Then the small girl spoke up.

"I'm Zelda," she whispered. Zelda was the same age as Link, she had purple hair and purple eyes. Soon you could see her purple wings.

"Demon wings," asked Aidan.

"Yes," Zelda responded quietly.

"How did you get them," asked Aidan smiling.

"I don't know, it's kind of like I'm part vampire, just the demon part, I don't feel evil, I feel… normal… except I can't be around may people because of my wings," replied Zelda.

"She can fly," added Link. Aidan stared at Lightray.

"Where do we go from here," he asked.

"I'm going to the vampire world…"


"No, Night is coming with me, he knows that world better than I do."

"What about Link and Zelda," asked Aidan.

"They're staying with you," replied Lightray.

"I don't know what you're thinking, I'm not good with kids…"

"Couldn't have guessed that," mumbled Night.

"Why don't you take them to Damen," replied Lightray.

"Sure, but you two make sure you're careful, I can't loose allies."

"Who says they we're allies," asked Night as he walked out the door. Aidan thought to himself what exactly what that had meant, he's probably just like Lightray, probably doesn't want to have allies unless he has to. Aidan stared at Zelda and Link, then smiled showing two vampire teeth.

"Looks like I should get you two to Damen, hopefully I can get you there before all hell breaks loose on these streets," He said this in a very friendly way. Yet he was distressed about Lightray's well being. Aidan took the two kids to Damen as fast as he could then when he reached Damen he had a few questions to ask him.

"Why hello Aidan, why, what have you brought with you?"

"These are two children, Link and Zelda, I was hoping that you could watch them."

"Well, I will take care of them, why not."

"Also I was wondering, do you know of a vampire by the name of Night?"

"No, can't say I do, but I wouldn't trust anyone with the name Night."

"Why not?"

"A vampire with the same name, a long time ago told me that he was going to help me in the resistance as long as I could bring him back to normal. He ended up turning his back on me. He was about to kill me when the sun rose on that sad night. I watched him die, for good. I thought that he was my friend. It just showed that you can't trust anyone." Damen moaned and stared at a frightened Aidan. "What is wrong my friend?"

"Lightray went with Night into the other world," shivered Aidan.

"No, he wouldn't hurt her, he wouldn't," said Link.

"How long have you known him," asked Aidan.

"Only two days, but he wouldn't do something like that, look what he has done for me."

"Link, I know what your are trying to say, but as you must realize good by come from a vampire but surly evil is to follow, he took your life from you, and your family," said Damen.

"Are you saying that I am the same as the rest of the vampires," asked Link.

"That's not what I said, but it is true."

"Then I will join them in their world, let me know when you win the war!" with that Link left and Zelda followed. Aidan stared at them as they left.

"Walking is too slow, especially on these streets, I'm taking the under ground route," said Aidan.

"Good luck finding her." With that Aidan ran outside the building found the nearest sewer lifted the heavy plate and jumped down. His blue eyes looking in all directions. He heard something, but what. Just then he saw a vampire jump through a warp gate in the sewer. He didn't know that they had created more. He quickly jumped through it. It looked just like the sewers he had seen outside the gate but these were filled with vampires.

They were all dancing and laughing. Many of them clueless to the war that was going on. They would only know it was there when it was over. Aidan spotted someone staring at him. She watched his every move. He glance never left him, even as she walked towards him.

"Why, what are you doing here," she asked him.

"Don't concern yourself with such things, why ask a question that will not be answered."

"And why might my question not be answered."

"You are one of the new-breed, I am of the old-breed why bother yourself with people like me," smiled Aidan.

"Ah, you noticed, must be easy to with those blue eyes of yours, so beautiful I wish my eyes looked like that," she smiled pulling out a knife from her back pocket. "I don't ask for what I want, I just take it," she smiled again as she pointed the knife at one of his eyes.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you, you don't get everything you want!" With that he took out his sword slicing of her hand that was holding the knife. She screamed with pain. Aidan ran with his sword in hand trying to get away. Soon she was following. Then Darkray appeared.

"Sela, he is a visitor! Let him go, don't worry he will get what he deserves."

"Yes," growled Sela. Darkray grabbed Aidan with such tremendous strength he couldn't break from her grip. She tied him down to a chair, opposite of him sat Night with Lightray next to him, and they weren't tied down.

"Didn't Damen warn you about me, he thought I died, but I lived though the spirit of another vampire, he had no name before I died, now he is known as Night," grinned Night showing his pointed vampire teeth.

"Just a little to late," mumbled Aidan.

"And look Lightray has turned against you," laughed Night. Lightray joined his laughter.

"How," asked Aidan.

"You can't turn her back, all I had to do was bite her and she became a vampire, if you bite someone it just leaves teeth marks, why not join us, we could turn the world into total darkness. Isn't that what you want," asked Night.

"Hell no!" as Aidan shouted this he managed the cut the ropes around his hands. Then ran towards the nearest gates. Yet the others didn't try to stop him. Guess they think they have already won thought Aidan as he walked through the gate. Just then a crow perched its self on his shoulder. Aidan looked over at the crow.

"The darkness doesn't bug you, does it?" Aidan lifted himself up to the streets. Once again it was raining. A great amount of sadness filled him, maybe they have already won. He walked to Damen's home.

"I have failed, haven't I?"

"No, you couldn't have helped it, Lightray was at fault for having such a weak mind. Don't let them get to you. If you die, who will be left? I am getting older and will all the action around me how much longer could I live?"

"How did you know what happened?"

"My crow, Sight. I call him that for everything that he sees I do too. I sent him after you so I could know what happened." Aidan looked up at the crow on his shoulder.

"How do you do that," Aidan asked.

"That is my linked animal, one that I can communicate with. You can communicate with any animal, that's what makes you so special, think of an animal everything about it and see if it will come to you Aidan." Soon enough there was scratching at the door. "Open it Aidan."

He did and there was an all black wolf, but this wolf was all black except for its bright blue eyes.

"Ah, an animal that you can relate to."

"What do I call him," asked Aidan, but then Aidan heard a voice in his head.

Call me Vison

"I will do that," smiled Aidan.

"See you are feeling better already."

"Well I have gained a new companion."

For what I hear we have quite a fight still for us.

"I hope you're looking forward to it," said Aidan.

I am a wolf; I have quite a taste for battle. Aidan's thoughts drifted back to Lightray. What is her destiny now? Can she still be saved? There must be a way to get her back. With that Aidan and Vison walked out the door and into the pouring rain. Lightning struck a near-by building and set it on fire. The homeless could be seen running out of it with their only belongings. This city has become such a place of destruction, and soon will the world if I don't do something.

Why do people carry such strong emotions, I don't understand many of them.

"I guess that's the only thing that separates us from the animals, but what about the humans that don't understand such emotions?"

Then it is only their appearance that separates them from becoming like me.

"Appearance means a lot in this world…"