In the city an underground club blasted out Techno music

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In the city an underground club blasted out Techno music. Othek and Harlequin stood in a corner together, both completely human. Gallyn could be seen mixing at the front of the huge room. The club was in the lower level at the once headquarters of a vampire by the name of Darkray. Yet that was the past and now the vampires were creatures of the past as they once were. Humans stood around everywhere, but what caused their sudden end.

Gallyn a while back looked like a vampire but had the power over fire. This was all that the vampires knew about him. This and that his father, Aidan, was much like him. Yet they did not know that once Gallyn was reunited with his father his power would grow so much he would be able to create a huge fire explosion. The vampires made one mistake, turning everyone. Those who weren't vampires would be killed, yet this was in order to preserve the human race.

Once everyone was dead the vampires would come back as human because it was not written in the fate to die then, and vampires do live to their fate unlike humans. Gallyn believed that he might die so he allowed himself to be bitten by Othek a vampire at the time.

Yet Harlequin, a human, refused to be bitten because she believed that she should die with the rest of the humans. Despite her wishes Othek felt a great need to save her, she was turned to a vampire at the last minute.

Humans now where once again the highest of earth's beings. The true world order was restored.

"Othek, how different is it," asked Harlequin.

"I don't have that demonic voice in the back of my head telling me what to do," replied Othek with a bit of laughter.

"Me? Me, a head of an evil empire," asked Darkray staring at Aidan.

"Yes, well you were pretty close to it," he replied.

"How many died," asked Darkray sadly.

"A few compared to the amount that could have been killed if it wasn't for my son and his two friends."

"Will we ever know exactly what happened," asked Lightray to the others.

"Never, it has all be wiped away with time. Very little has been written down. Maybe that is for the best," responded Night.

"Well these Vampire Wars will truly go down in history," remarked Darkray.

"That's quite unsettling," frowned Harlequin.

"Why," questioned Othek.

"Just remembering the belief that history repeats its self."

"So, this will happen again."

"Most likely, close but not exact," stated Harlequin.

"I wonder who'd replace me," smiled Othek hopefully.

Note: Well that's the end of my story. ::sniff sniff:: Not a big glamorous ending, but it's how I like to end my stuff. I love leaving a lot to imagination, and this story did just that with a lot a gaps and leaps. Fell free to fill in those gaps with your own stories and ideas and if you ever write them down I'd like to hear about them. There are character relationships going on, but I didn't feel the need to go into a bunch of detail with that stuff, I'll see if you can figure them out.

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