I Do Cry

In this moment I do cry

For I cannot cry again

For my love whose passed by

And cannot pass again

I mourn for his life

Let his spirit live within

In our hearts and in the waves

That tumble freely with him

I wander by his grave once more

His ashes that do spread the shore

And with each wave mean evermore

And each high tide do love implore

I seek the solitude of heart

Of knowing where to rest thou art-

An angel, nor a demons part-

To play for he to young departs

So in this moment I do cry

For I cannot cry again

And in this last shimmering of eye

I release the last of whims

Though my heart still tender sits

I crack from grueling task

I jump into a worldly pit

And break depressions last

I see not again this grave

For to bare it be a sin

To wallow in depressions cave

And renounce my pain again

Would do to him no greater serves

Than to me a flying ilk

So I pass the flowers 'long the waves

Where I know that he won't wilt

So in this moment I don't cry

For I cannot cry again

From the very moment you died

I've been crying ever since

Now I wish to live my life

Away from mourn and sin

But joyous as I'll ever be

Cause you don't know when it will end