Memories, memories, flashing in my head,

Memories, memories of a life that I find dead.

Why did you lie, how could you leave

When all I ever tried to do was reach my love out to you.

Cupid shot his arrow, when I first saw your face,

But the arrow hit too hard, dug too deep, and cracked my heart in two,

And now my only obsession, my final fantasy is only you.

I look beside me but I see not a trace...

And now my heart is crumbled,

But it beats stronger than its ever felt,

How could you leave me now,

When you knew of all the past heart breaks I had delt.

You wiped away all my tears, helped me overcome my fears,

But now I think of you and theres only pain

A little peice of the puzzle falls out again

And Im left to this heartbreak, while you watch the sunrise bright on your hands

Nowhere to run and Im chlostrophobic,

Hiding from an earthquake in a house of glass,

Falling from the edge of a canyon,

And below me is no cotton or grass.

I wonder if you hear me scream, I wonder if you felt me cry

I wonder if you know how my only wish is for my heart to die,

But it must be a slow torture, otherwise what fun would it be?

My future is gone, you are the only dream I can see...

But youll never come back to me.