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Addy's POV

Wow. Well that went very unexpectedly I must say. There I was - fully expecting him to gloat about my apologising and for us to argue, and, well we had a decent conversation in the end. Small one or no. However I do get the feeling that was intentional. He ended it with the air of wanting to keep it on a good note. Can't blame him really. But it was a conversation non-the less. Woah I just had a conversation with Michael Black. Admittedly, I did not see that one coming.

By the time I had finished commenting on the strangeness of this past event my legs had automatically carried me to the part of the school field where we eat. Ah, the field. Dinner is that one chance a school day where you can just forget about everything and really enjoy yourself, to let everything go - dinnertime's, well, dinnertime. There was something noticeably different this dinner though. It wasn't the fresh cut grass and newly painted sports lines of the field, nor the fact that it seemed the year 9s had dibbed the years 8's football spot from last year, or even that Michael and Austin were standing deadly still in the middle of the field in deep conversation and not running round in circles. Not even that it was simply the first day back after a six week break. No, there are three people sitting at our spot waiting for me, three, in place of the usual two.

The addition was a pretty, small built girl, with long blonde hair and eyes of a startling blue. I'd heard there was a new girl this year, guess this must be her, wow she's gonna have all the boys chasing her…"Addy! Exclaimed Dana as I walked up to the group smiling, how did it go? Oh tell me later because I'm being awfully rude!" Me and Jenna exchanged grins at this one, she was on a high. "Addy this is Natalie. She's new here and was sat on her own when we got down here so we asked her to sit with us." she smiled, she had obviously taken a liking to her, which of course meant I probably would too – Dana's an awesome judge of character.

Natalie was looking at me like I was going to pounce on her, or shout and tell her to get away and no way could she eat with us. In short, she looked nervous. Gheesh. Am I really that bad? "Okay cool" I smiled, "hiya Natalie, I'm Addison but Addy for short, how are you?" I settled on the grass in the gap between Dana and Jenna and began to eat my lunch. We began to explain the ins and the outs of the school to her, and had afterward begun to talk about where she moved from when we were interrupted.

A deep voice, which projected confidence somewhat teasingly asked "Urm, hey there Nat, guess you finally stopped being a loner then?" Myself, Jenna and Dana all looked up from out lunch whilst Natalie merely snorted, we were met with a tall, brown haired, brown eyed, gorgeous lad, who nodded in greeting to each of us in turn, and returned back to Natalie who was currently making fun of him.

"Yes I did as a matter of fact." She replied not battering an eyelid. "I see you've taken the opposite route – been kicked out the gang? Or just decided footballs not your thing and wanted to sit with the girls? Which is it then Tyler?" She prompted. Tyler. So that's his name! Tyler…wait what am I thinking?! He's Natalie's boyfriend! Turning to the rest of us, choosing to ignore Natalie's glares he said "sorry about that, I just wanted to make sure she was okay…she let me leave her to go and play footie" he grinned. "See you all around…" I couldn't help myself from thinking how gorgeous his eyes are when he locked them with mine just then, like he was grinning at me! They're just like whirling pools of chocolate, I love chocolate…Natalie interrupted my thoughts by announcing the word "prat!" very loudly. "I'm sorry, you have to mind my brother, I have no idea why he decided to come up here when he had no problem leaving me alone in the first place, net alone which a bunch of people" she rolled her eyes. I, quite uncharacteristically giggled. Brother eh? Oh no…What am I thinking?

What with the introduction of a new friend combined with the normal joys dinner brings, such as laughter and food, the dinner hour went all to quickly for my liking. Slowly we gathered our belongings and meandered our way off of the field and stood outside, waiting to be let into registration. On hundred and fifty-odd excited year 11s blowing off steam around people they haven't seen for six months. Fun fun. Not. "Urgh! Prats!" I muttered under my breath whilst Jenna just laughed at me. "Yeah Addy I know, they do my head in too, I mean they've just had an hour for this! Go-watch it!" She exclaimed to Steve Brandon, a loud obnoxious idiot who had just ran into us both. "Yeah whatever…" he half-heartedly replied, if it weren't for the fact that four or five of his mates were chasing him, we would most probably be in the middle of bitching central right now.

Dana and Natalie were talking together, which gave Jenna and me a chance to catch up, I filled her in about our conversation with Micheal which she found to be very amusing. "Really? Wow that's a huge step up on the human being factor then eh?" We both laughed and even though I do quite like the thought of a year 11 absent from arguments with Black, Tyler's cheeky grin kept popping into my head and when he walked past us, catching my eye I couldn't help but smile and inwardly curse myself for blushing – Jenna noticed. Damn her! She just stood there smirking all knowingly and said "at least you've got someone to preoccupy yourself with now eh? Looks like Blacks got competition…"She said in a sing song voice. "Fuck you" I laughed as we walked into registration.