I woke up to someone screaming. The kind of screaming you hear in horror movies. It was a shredding sound that ripped my ears. Yes, it was a woman's scream. She screamined out of fright, or of death? All i knew is that she wasn't real. When I awoke, I felt cold. Cold to the point your shivering and your teath make that clattering sound. But I wasn't sacred. No, not someone like me. However, my room was dark and I was the only one in it. That was just a little scary, not a lot. I checked my alarm clock and the bright red light flashed 3:01 a.m. That's when devils come, ever seen "Exorsism of Emily Rose"? But I don't believe in that. Not one bit. However, it was kind of scarier, but not a lot. I formed myslef into a little ball and toppled the covers all over my body. The cream must of been a dream. Yes, a dream, because I don't have nightmares. I'm not a sissy. I started to sweat, but it wasn't hot. So I guess it was a cold sweat. But I don't think so. Anyway, I tried to go back to sleep. I shut my eyes tight, but not too tight. I also tried not think about the scream. No, I wasn't scared, so stop thinking that, I was just too tired to be curious. Then the scream jolted out again, even harder than it did before. It sounded like a devil scream out of happiness... but they don't exist. I covered my eyes and dipped into the covers, so whoever was there couldn't see me. I'm telling you, I wasn't scared, just protective of my body. My blanket hid every part of me, from my feet to the end of my hair. If it was a ghost, then I would be safe that way, but I don't believe in ghosts, I just heard it from a friend that believes in them. There was an evil laughter, it was as loud as the hurtful scream. Why couldn't my family hear them? The laughter got closer, and quieter at the same time. Then, I heard a man's voice, a deep stern, persuasive voice, and he said, " You think the covers are going to help you? Think again."