I'm Not Dreaming

I rush in a chaotic prance

Through the deserted eternity

Where have you gone?

I can't find you

My stomach rises to my throat

Puppet strings guide me

Down the hushed streets

I can't break free

Where are you?

I know it's just a dream

But I can't wake up

I push away this paper reality

My eyes dart into the alleys

I start to fall to a city below

Limp bodies flood the streets

Layers of caked blood

Suddenly I know I'm not dreaming

This is what has become of our world

Nobody is left

Swirling darkness lingers in the alleys

Our race has been wiped out

We are no longer

Maybe if we had stopped sooner

Or if someone had cared

This hell that lies before me

Would no longer be here

I cannot stay here

I must go

I know you are no longer

You lie limply within the piles of corpses

I must go

I turn and wave a silent goodbye

As I fade away

To join our race

Where ever it may be