Yukito and I Kyoshiro Sakai, 4 years younger have always been the envy in our school.

I played on our basketball league as the youngest recorded team captain, most of my senpai though envious regarded me worthy and competent. We all respected each other's talents and skill as basketball players and as team, still because I was the brother of the school "prince" I was sometimes treated special. Yukito's reputation as a class A and talented student has its kicks but it was more of a pressure on me than help. Being his younger brother I was expected to be as smart as him, as hard working as he was and as talented as he was. I hated that fact. I wondered again why I chose this same school, who would have even known. I never thought before that he would be this popular. When his home with me, he never talked much about school and I never see him study a lot instead we end up playing or talking about a lot of stuff but it wasn't primarily about school. He never mentioned anything that would give me a clue and my parents were often discreet, yes, he won medals and trophies but I thought he was only athletic and better than most people. Until now, I could never get use to seeing him in school different from the Yuki that I know… it unnerves me.

"KYO!" Migi shouted, almost not noticing the pass, I dodged the defense and scored three points winning as the championship for the first time.

The crowd grew even wild as the last shot I took lead us with 2 points from the rival school. I just couldn't believe it I landed the throw. I thought I would lose the shot, my eyes scanned the crowed for Yukito and I saw him on the fifth bleacher. He made it! he saw me! I thought he wouldn't be able to make it but he did, his hair was still wet from the swimming competition he also waves a gold medal smiling. I felt proud that I'm HIS younger brother. A lot had already asked and confessed about how envious they were because I was his younger brother and having seen that side of him that nobody else saw felt good.

I was hugged by my teammates and brought up, carrying me on their shoulders. Shouting cheers, the crowds noise was blocked and had my eyes on him. This was the first time I won something on my own and by seeing Yuki witness it meant so much to me. I felt it then more intense that he usually felt, that strange feeling of wanting someone and all of a sudden my cheeks flushed when I became aware that Yuki's eyes was on me too. Awarness. We were staring at each other, unknown from the overjoyed fans. I started to feel nervous and broke it off by laughing with my teammates, I concentrated in shifting my attention to them, after about the fifteenth time of asking to be put down they finally did.

"Kyo! That was a killer shot! You made it man!" Micheal shouted on my ear but because of the noise my ear didn't hurt much. I could only grin back at him, already feeling uncomfortable by the feelings he was having.

Inside the locker room, fans and players blended champagne was popped open and sprayed, the cooler was emptied from its contents and cold icy water splashed to everyone in the room. There was laughter all over and shouting as each person inside was only too happy to celebrate what was won.

A victory celebration was set after the game, win or lose this celebration was meant to congratulate and acknowledge the team's effort for every game we played. By winning the championship it was inevitable enough that the partying was three times louder and more fun. We continued the celebration senpai-Aki's house until 7'oclock in the morning. By 3 a.m during the time, I had for some miracle had managed to slip off and went home, Yuki was already way ahead of me and was patiently carrying me to his sleek black convertible car. He was not much of a party person but he did, drank a little and celebrated together with us, I was already extremely drunk by then. Compare to Yuki, I drunk a little too much and was told that I even made out with one of the girls, I don't actually do this but I was too drunk to care. Prompting Yuki, my older brother to drag me off and take me home.

(next paragraphed are stated in a third person POV)

The house as expected was dark, all lights was out and their parents asleep. Kyoshiro's spare key made it possible for them to get inside without disturbing anyone.

"Yuki…" Kyo whispered as he snuggled on Yuki's neck, planting a small kiss on him. Surprised Yuki almost dropped him. He carried Kyo with effort to his room, laying him down a little too roughly but Kyo didn't seem to mind. When he started to pull the covers up after taking off Kyo's shoes, he felt his gaze on him. His senses was right… Kyo was strangely staring at him. When he met it with his own, he could tell that something was different because this one made his heart skip a beat.

"Brother… your so…beautiful…" Yuki stop as he felt Kyo's palms lovingly caressing his cheeks and those familiar fingers he had long ago had come to love lightly stopped on his half-opened lips. Unsure of what was happening to them his heart started to race, like fire that cannot be extinguished burned through his veins burning every part of him. It was undeniable the desire that consumes both of them.

His body shivered from Kyo's touch, his mind swirled with questions he dare not answer. With the last ounce of thought left in his head he spoke the words and held back, already feverish from the wondering hands feeling his chest.

"what are you doing Kyo…?" he finally managed to ask, hearing the tremble in his own voice. Only Kyo's eyes filled with love and desire was reflected back. It hurts him, such powerful eyes. He couldn't help but panicked when he felt it, that overpowering yearning. He wanted to make love. He yearns for it this forbidden touch… he yearns to do it with his brother… all those years he kept it to himself. Abnormal. And yet now… this. He badly wanted to ravage his brother with kisses. His brother… the name registered in his head and with shame for his thoughts he looked away, shutting his eyes. Without warning, Kyo caught him off guard when he brought their lips together, he nibbled on his lower lip and started kissing him fully while one of his hands wondered inside Yuki's shirt and the other one was trying to unbutton it. Deliciously sinful. A failed attempt of pushing Kyo away happened before all of his resolve left him but when he felt Kyo's warm tongue brushed on his lips and trailed down on his neck, all was lost. His body shook… he moaned as one by one his nipples was sinfully suckled, placing wet circles on them with his tongue, he suckled softly and roughly, alternatively. He would have woken up his parents with his moans if Kyo didn't muffled them with his deep kiss, Yuki opened up to him and their tongues met in a drunken minuet, so passionate it was that when they drew each other he could feel the stiffness of Kyo pressing on his flat abdomen, warm and throbbing. Without breaking the kiss he slid off their jeans, almost bare… sweat rolled down on their hairless chest as the air around them grew heavier. Moans and gasp filled the once quiet room. Unsteady breaths were let out, their sweat wet hair thrown in disarray as Kyo laid Yuki chest flat on the bed, his mouth on his Yuki's back with his hands he pulled it out, hardened now and it both pleased and excite him all at once. With careful strokes he made love to Yuki.

"do you want me to stop…?" he whispered on Yuki's left ear and kissed him there. Yuki's eyes spoke the answer, such mysterious orbs they were and as if having second thoughts he brought it inside so slowly, stopping once when Yuki tried to pull away…

"Don't… I want you to…" Yuki whimpered when Kyo hesitated and with that he slid in all the way through. Incredibly tight and warm, he heard the pained whimper of Yuki as he moved slowly inside, feeling the tremble on the body below him but he gave them both pleasures with his skillful hands as they came together. They collapsed heaving and when they turned to face each other, they kissed once more just as passionate as the first, even more.

All those years of bottled emotions all cave in, gave in on this night, Kyo trailed down. He wanted to taste him, taste all of Yuki. He held it both on his hands as lick teasingly first its head down to its long shaft, slowly it came to life and Yuki couldn't help but spread his legs even wider, shaking from the sinful sensation he was feeling. Unconsciously he had grabbed at Kyo's head as he guided him back to his lips and kissed him hard on the mouth.

"Let me…." Kyo said to him while their lips touched. All Yuki could do was nod… Kyo smiled at him as his hands rested on Yuki's, he stroke it gently then more firmly and once again his mouth came down to Yuki's nipples… he greatly indulged with Yuki's sweet moans, it was ecstasy him. He rubs one of the nipples with his thumb, slightly pinching them with his fingers only to be suckled again and played with his tongue. Yuki looked down gazing at Kyo, he parted the loose hair away from Kyo's face as his eyes looked lovingly at him.

"Go ahead tell me…" he looked at Yuki grinning.

"Kyo…" Yuki gasped the throbbing between his legs grew painful if Kyo wouldn't give him release soon.

"onegai…" and with those words Kyo took it on his mouth. It was just as skillful as his hands. His masterful tongue was making his body twist in pure bliss.

"Kyo…! I'm.." Yuki tried to warn him but he came earlier in Kyo's mouth.

Kyo didn't seem to mind and greedily receive all of his seeds, smiling when he saw Yuki's surprised face but he only kissed him making him taste himself on Kyo's mouth. They kissed a little gentler that the last… Yuki cuddled him on his arms as he kissed him to sleep.

As sleep finally took hold of them, they could only dream of each other locked in a loose embrace they slept.

When Kyo opened his eyes, he remembered last night immediately searching for the body next to him but he was in bed alone. He stood up naked, still smelling the scent they made mingled with his brother's scent. His cheeks flushed as the memory of it flashed in his head. It was as if he dreamt it all if not by his nakedness he would have thought it otherwise still it worries him that Yuki was found nowhere in sight. He quickly donned the strewn shirt from last night from the floor and pants as he briskly walked towards Yuki's room but when he got in inside. The room as expected was untouched, the curtain was still drawn close and was dark, there was no sign of Yuki. This made him feel agitated and made him rethink everything that happened. He was drunk but it wasn't the alcohol that caused it all, it made him aggressive, yes, but deep in his heart he wanted it to happen.

"Kyo? What are you doing? Are you looking for your brother?" with a questioning look his mother asked him. Kyo didn't even notice her coming up to him too preoccupied he was with his thoughts.

"he left early for school and had just left a note. I do hope he ate something before he left. Oh! Kyo… he also told me about last night…" She smiled. Last night? Yuki told her?! Wait… yes of course the championship the coach said we won't be having any classes today for winning last night's game. For a second there, he thought his mom knew his face flushed up.

"Yes! Of course! Coach told us to rest today, having won the championship and all." He said it a little too defensively and grinned boyishly at his mother.

"Kyo? Are you sick? your face are all flushed up and awhile ago you we're so pale. Daijobou?" his mother asked him with a marked concern on her voice.

"daijobou desu! I'm fine… there's nothing to worry about." He assured his mother tying to smile.

"okay then. You should eat your breakfast already, I didn't want to wake you up, I know your tired. Omedatou Kyo." She touched his forearm smiling.

He need to see Yuki, he can't any longer. He has to tell him that what happened to them that night was love, it was meant to be. Kyo rode his bike grinning; the eagerness of his face masked all his worries he felt inside. He just knew Yuki felt the same way too, he just knew. The kiss they shared couldn't be fake everything felt right, he is sure Yuki loves him too. He pedaled faster than he ever did and when he saw him walking towards the parked car he barely made the stop. Seeing Yuki again after what happened made his heart beat faster.

"Yuki…" he said to himself with a breathless voice. What happened next, was not exactly he had in mind, he had perfectly imagined that Yuki would be as glad in meeting him but the turned out was the complete opposite. Yuki's face couldn't be read he was serious and was walking wearily towards him. He didn't like it at all.

"what are you doing here?" Yuki asked when he finally reached the car, looking uncomfortable at him there was a building tension between them and this placed Kyo in a confusing situation.

"I came to fetch you…to…to… see you…" he stuttered, feeling the heat burning his cheeks.

"you forgot, I have a car." It made Kyo feel stupid, of course he has a car but he was here because he can't wait to see him.

"yes, of course." There was hurt on his face making him feel stupider.

When Yuki woke up, his body entangled with Kyo's body he thought he wanted to make love to him again, he smiled bending down and kissing Kyo's lip lightly. He stared, steadily running his fingers on his hair he was about to kiss Kyo when he felt him stir next to him. Even when he was asleep the whole of him felt so much, that tears welled on his eyes and started flowing. He cried. Kyo has always been special in his life not because he was his brother but because he was the only one who can stir up feelings from him. He touched Kyo's face, tracing every curve, memorizing every line, and wished to have the power to still this moment forever in time. He loves him so much, his scared for Kyo. The fact is still there, he was his brother.

His only younger brother and he just made love to him, he sickens himself and yet when he look at him nothing seems and felt more right than the two of them together.