I I - Ignotus Immolo

Warm blood dripped from cold lips

Long graceful fingers manipulate through silken tresses

A simple smile stands

Whispers flow like sinuous water

Short breaths could evidently be heard

Neither for understanding

Lips swoop down to the other's

A sensual embrace could be witnessed

Only one would understand

When questions are asked

One would not answer

While the other simply smiled

The graceful fingers ghosted across a damp cheek

A needy hand grabs them for support

The emotion of confusion sweeps across distressed features

"But I don't understand."

"And neither do I, but maybe this is best."

"Yea, maybe you're right."

The moonlight cloaked the scene

Nothing more was left

Only the puddles of blood where two beings once were

A/N: So what did you think? There's an actual story behind it…

I know the little '-' get annoying, but the spacing on the fp format doesn't keep the original spacing...