My memory of you, fragmented and distorted,
restricted by the agonizingly slow passing of time.

Your ice blue eyes break my hold on reality,
freezing me to the core and shattering my soul.

Without you, I would still breath the same air,
I would still age and decay, but I would still exist.

Life without you would not be a shattered dream,
but a nightmare of a faded memory of a shattered dream.

Before you, life was the time between birth and death,
now birth and death is the time before and after life.

Once, I could dream my own dreams,
my thoughts were my always own.

Now, I find myself questioning my life,
everything I knew before was a lie.

You shattered my reality and replaced it with truth,
you broke my shield and dulled my sword.

Now, your words are all I want,
your gaze is all I will ever need.

I wish I could rewrite this frenzied dance,
if only I could slow it down and start again.

Unfortunately, the ancient text of life cannot be unwritten,
pages can be lost, but the story continues forever.

What we start we can't turn back,
we can't read ahead and write it right.

If I could burn the past in a glorious blaze,
life would be oblivion, serene perfection.

Forgive me love, but apathy has written my life for me,
we can never be together, but I can do my best to see you happy.

What we always want, we don't always need,
and what we need is never what we want.

Life doesn't care who we are, or what we know,
our choices make us who we are, who we are meant to be.

Fate may not be in our favor, and destiny may not care,
but love is timeless, and memories can't be unwritten.

I'll wait forever to see you happy,
I understand life isn't always fair.

Maybe one day, we can solve this puzzling enigma,
and we can line the pieces up together, yours and mine.

As long as I have my memories of you, I can survive.

I'll wait all day for karma to close his eyes,
and together we'll run into the sunset.

Time never ends, and Creation never stops,
the sun never sets on this beautiful reality.