Stained glass, broken to make something new,
shattered dreams paving the way to greater beauty.

A burning fire, passionate and untamed,
beautiful life laced with glorious death.

Crimson wine, smooth and placid,
as dark as the blood it really is.

Life can only be so sweet when all regret is forgotten.
Where, O death, is now your sting?

Equivalent exchange, the principle upon which all life is founded,
equilibrium yields not good or evil, but balance and neutrality.

We are what we choose to be, we become what we are meant to be,
life is forever what we choose to make of it, good or bad.

Let's make a stand right here, we'll start a revolution today,
together we'll unite the divided and divide the wicked.

In turn, we'll become them, and they will reign glorious,
in judging them, we ignored ourselves, and wasted our time.

Can't we just forget about "us" and "them"?

Death may have lost it's sting, but life is still a rose,
and we cannot forget that every rose has its thorns.