A deep and bottomless ocean, placid and turbulent,
filled completely with love and heartache.

Everyday I listen to you speak of love,
but to me, it's just another four letter word.

Your words to me are sweet temptation,
my reason is the only shield I have against you.

When the heart burns with fiery passion,
the mind freezes it into black stone.

A hard heart can always be broken into a thousand pieces,
but the mind never forgets its sorrows, and the Ice Age begins again.

One day I hope not to be frozen in your arctic gaze,
nor in my own memories, or my own logic.

Right now, I'm frozen by society,
you just keep doing what you're doing.

I tell myself you're beautiful and perfect,
but I think that inside you must be ugly.

Prove me wrong, and figure out this enigmatic riddle for me.