Chapter 1: Georgia's Doom

One man slowly turned the knob to the front door and slowly pushed the door open. Another man followed behind him. The first man closed the door behind them silently. They could hear music coming out of one of the rooms and two different laughs. One male. One female. The two men heard a male voice talking about a club and the female voice agreeing with him. From the sounds of the conversation they had just come from this club. The two men crept to the open door of a bedroom and walked right into the room. The male was sitting on a swiveling chair facing the female and the female was lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" the boy asked both men. The girl on the bed turned her head to see whom the boy was talking to. They both ignored him. One man walked over to the boy and yanked him up out of the seat while the other walked over to the girl lying down on the bed.

"Let me go!" the boy exclaimed.

The girl fought as the man grabbed her wrist with one hand and held them over her head. "Get off of me you bastard!" she screamed at him. The boy was dragged out of the as he fought against the steel grip of the man. The girl turned her head and saw her friend being dragged out of the room. "Drew!" she cried.

"Keep fighting him, Georgia!" Drew shouted back to her as he was dragged out of the room.

Georgia tried to fight him but now that her friend was no longer there, fear started to make itself present in her eyes as she looked up into the eyes of her attacker. He looked down at her with an obnoxious smile on his face. He had pinned her entire body down under his so not an inch of it could move. He ran the other hand down her body, roughly grabbing her breasts and down her body to grip her ass. "God, you're a pretty thing," he whispered. His breath harsh against her ear. She whimpered at his statement as he lowered himself on top of her. He could feel her shiver beneath him as he did this and became aroused, pressing his growing erection into her thigh. "You feel that little girl?" his eyes practically molesting her as they ran down her form, "or should I say young woman."

"Please let me go," she pleaded. She struggled against him, trying to shimmy from under him. He chuckled lightly at her plea.

His hand came back up and started stroking her breast through her shirt. He leaned in and deeply inhaled her scent. "You smell so good. Just like a woman should." She wanted to puke when he leaned down to sniff her because she got a whiff of him then. She almost did. He smelt of cigarette smoke and alcohol. He tugged at her top to pull it off and found he couldn't pull it off. He tugged at it again and came up with the same result. A look of confusion swept across his face then a creepy smile worked its way onto his face as he reached under her to the tie that was keeping her top on her and pulled it loose. He grabbed the flashy piece of cloth and pulled it off to reveal two round, perfect breasts, in their prime. He stared at them hungrily before taking one is his mouth. As he went down to her chest, Georgia's eyes started to get misty. He sucked on it and flicked the nipple with his tongue. He bit down on her nipple and she cried out but this only increased his arousal, which was steadily growing against her thigh.

He switched his hands so that his right hand was holding her hands above her head and his left hand pushed up her thigh, under the tight, black skirt she had decided to wear tonight until they rested on her panties. He sucked in his breath as he felt the silk against his fingers. Why the fuck did I decide to wear these tonight? she questioned herself. He pulled them down her long, slender legs, pulling them off of the black, knee-high boots she wore and threw them across the room. He shoved two fingers into her sex. She bit on her bottom lip to hold back the cry at the intrusion on the core of her virginity. He groaned with pleasure at the tightness of her pussy. He hastily shoved in a third finger. She let out a small cry and the tears started to slowly fall down her face. He couldn't stand it anymore. He leaned over to the Drew's nightstand and hunted around in it for something to tie Georgia up with. He smiled intimidatingly at her and held up a pair of handcuffs and two scarves. He strung the handcuffs around one of the metal columns of the headboard and attached them to her wrists. He shimmied down her body and tied her feet before with the scarves then proceeding to tie each foot to a bed knob to keep her legs open.

He got off of her then and Georgia thought he was done. She was sadly mistaken as he speedily pushed his pants and boxers out of the way to allow his solid erection out. He then mounted her again. He shoved his three fingers back into her again and she let out a small yelp of pain and invasion. She could see his eyes starting to glaze over and wondered what was going to happen next. He twisted his hands into his hair and yanked hard. "AH! You bloody bas-" she started before his mouth came crashing down on hers. She tried to resist the invasion. He pushed himself all the way into her sex, breaking through her maidenhood. She tried to scream into his mouth at which point he took the opportunity to shove his tongue into her mouth and begin his exploration. He groaned in pleasure. He stopped kissing her then and started biting her neck, hard enough to leave bruises. She called out a few colourful curses followed by a series of "Ow! Ow! Ow!". He kept thrusting into her as he came closer and closer to orgasm and ejaculation. He soon came and released his seed into her with a moan. He pulled out of her and hastily pulled his pants back up.

Drew fought against the other guy, demanding to be let up to go help Georgia. "Let go of me you asshole. What the hell is your boyfriend doing to my friend?" For that comment he got a right hook to his jaw. He kept fighting until he heard a scream of pain coming from his bedroom. He realised that the scream came from Georgia and his heart went out to her. What have I allowed to happen? he asked himself as he sunk against the wall. the man who was battling against him earlier released him as he saw that Drew was deeply affected by the pain in Georgia's scream. He smirked at the amount of fight the boy had shown earlier to the mess he had become now.

That oughta teach him to go against us, the guy thought as he looked down on Drew and pulled his leg back, preparing to kick him.

"You were a good fuck girl. I may just have to come back another day," the man murmured as he placed a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes at this and lay on the bed, small whimpers escaping her every few seconds. He turned and headed out the room. The man walked out of the bedroom with a contented smile on his face.

The second man looked into the room to see tears streaming down the girl's face. "Like to fuck them with boots on?"

"The boots just screamed fuck me man. Trust me, you'll want to leave them on to fuck her too." He smiled to himself. "I stretched her out for you man. It was really sweet to." The second man looked at him in interest. He leaned in and uttered near his ear, "She was a virgin. I christened her." They shared a little chuckle together before the second guy turned to the door of the room the first guy had come out of.

As the second guy walked into the room the girl turned to see him. He sat down on the edge of the bed as she tried to shrink away from him. His eyes traveled over her ravishing body. She looked at him through sad eyes, a trail of dried tears streamed down her face. A fresh pair started when her eyes set sights on the second guy. "Are you going to hurt me too?" the girl asked of the second man only her voice didn't sound as confidant as when the night first started.

The man smiled and said, "No." A slight smile passed over the girls face he continued, "I'm gonna do a lot worse." A look of horror froze on her face. At the look of horror he smiled a malicious smile as he reached under the bed and pulled out the wooden baseball bat the boy kept under his bed for intruders. A lot of good it's doing him now, the man thought to himself as he moved the handle of the bat to her already bruised sex. He thrust it in hard as she screamed out in pain.

Drew curled up into a ball as he heard her scream for the second time that day in pain. I should never have let this happen to her. How could I allow this to happen to her? She's my best friend and I promised to always look out for her, he thought to himself as he rocked back and forward.

Ha! he laughed to himself in his head as he watched the teen sink into a deeper pit of self-pity, he isn't anything now without all that gusto he had earlier. Just like a guy, his weak point is his girlfriend. Hurt the girlfriend, you hurt the guy and break him down. As easy as taking candy from a baby. He smiled at the shell of the once strong young boy.

His eyes lit up immediately as he heard her scream out and started getting hard a lot faster than the other guy. It only took a few more thrusts with the bat before he was near the edge. He yanked down his pants and boxers a few seconds before he came, he thrust into her. Just as he did he emptied himself into her. He did up his pants and threw the bat down on the floor. He smirked at her before leaving her lying on the bed. He took the bat with him and threw it at Drew's feet. He smirked at Drew, "Fat lot of good your bat did for you today." He got his buddy and they both left the house, satisfied both with themselves and sexually.

As soon as Drew thought that both men were gone, he ran back to his bedroom and stopped in the doorway. He ran over to her ran the back of his fingers along her cheek. He felt a pang of hurt in his heart as she flinched away. "Georgia, it's me. They are gone now. I'm sure they won't be coming back," Drew told her reassuringly, hoping he sounded more confident about his statement than he felt. He slowly untied the scarves from around her feet and threw them over the edge of the bed. They floated gently to the floor. He stared at them, hatefully.

"Drew," she whimpered. He looked up into her sad eyes. And his heart broke for the second time that day. He dug in his bedside table for the key to the handcuffs. He found it and quickly unlocked the handcuffs from both her wrists and threw them at the mirror. The mirror shattered before the handcuffs landed on the floor in the mess of glass. He climbed into bed with her and pulled her into his arms. Georgia quickly looked up at the intrusion in her space. When she realised it was Drew and not someone else who was trying to hurt her, she clung to his shirt with a death grip and didn't seem to want to let go any time soon. He pulled the covers up over both their frames and whispered reassurances into her ear.