Despair, the immortal darkness of our own design,
master of the masters of its own creation.

An ivory girl dressed in ivory clothes,
symbolic of our own insecurities.

Floating in eternity, alone in empty space,
fallen and broken like a used doll.

As we fall to despair one by one,
we unite ourselves in our division.

To each their own, our choices are who we are,
too bad you put the hope in my hopelessness.

Though love and hate are as yin to yang,
both are parasitic and cannot coexist.

Shards of a shattered mirror reflect the same reality,
like an incomplete puzzle, truth is the missing link.

Stupid is pretending to not understand love,
it's knowing it that takes a lifetime.

There's a fine line between infatuation and love,
too bad for me you've crossed it more than once.

Logic and reason show me your faults,
something else mentions they don't matter.

You're a genius, but you're an idiot,
you're blinded by the here and now.

Without context, my words mean nothing,
in truth, they can mean everything.

If you won't ask, I won't admit,
but first you have to see the truth.

Maybe it's better for me that you don't have a clue,
perhaps fate is pulling us apart as it pulled us together.

All I know is I'll wait forever,
even if you never figure it out.

I remind you of him,
but you remind me of me.

This dance is slowing down as you dance your duet,
I'll write in my own solo, and I'll pick up the tempo.

You tell me what I want to hear, and you don't even know it,
I know you could never follow through though, and that's what matters.

Truth is self-evident, but facades are forever.

Tengo la memoria de tĂș siempre.