Drabble from a brief scene in my head.

I really am morbid.

Warnings for suggestions of rape and abuse.

Calloused fists struck her face, knuckles breaking bone and flesh, blood spraying back to paint crimson fireworks on the whitewashed walls. White hot spears of pain struck her gut and caused her to retch, spittle dribbling down her chin and swollen lips even as another blow caught her jaw, sending her sprawling backward, head striking the wall with a sharp crack. Her vision swam, hiccups of fear and sobs catching in her throat as she curled into herself in order to ward off the blows.

Not that it made much of a difference anyway.

Every part of her body ached from the assault and already her left eye was swelling shut. Her hands shook as she tried to protect her head.

How long had it been going on? How many nights, or was it months, or years? Did it even matter anymore? All she knew now was that it hurt. Badly.

"That's it, bitch," a low growl uttered near her ear, causing her to gasp and shrink back. "Take it!"

Something hot and hard pressed against her swollen mouth and her one good eye opened enough to discern what it was. No... no!

"Be a good little bitch and just take it, just like you always do. You like this, come on." The growl was more insistent, lower as sharp teeth bit into her ear and brought a scream from her throat. Her open mouth was suddenly filled and she choked, pain searing through her jaw and throat. Disgust and fear caused her throat to tighten and a loud pop sounded as she tried to breathe through her mouth but couldn't. Somewhere in her mind common sense took over and she took a shaky breath through her nose, careful, careful, oh it hurt so much. In, out, in, out... She could breathe. Even with the stench of him filling her nostrils, she could breathe.

"That's it," he hissed, thrusting cruelly into her battered mouth.

But why...?

Hands fisting in her hair, he didn't have a way to react to the way her hands came up and wrapped around his balls and twisted, her nimble little fingers pulling and twisting until he gave a high pitched shriek and let go. "What the-?!"

"Feel good, baby?" she whispered, giving him another cruel twist. Her eye was completely swollen shut now, lips puffy and broken, blood, tears, and bile dripping down her chin. "Feel good to prove you're a man by taking advantage of a woman? That make you a big man, baby?" Her long nails suddenly curved inward and dug deep for a moment and then she let go. He was on the ground now, curled around his injury, gasping for breath and in far too much pain to even manage a glare in her direction as she struggled to her feet and stood over him, gazing down with disgust. "That's it, bitch," she hissed, kicking him as hard as she could in the gut. "Take it."