Boredness, out of her mind crazy. Hasn't it seemed lately, that death is imminent, bored, pick up a knife, and play a game of "what did I carve into my wrists today?" It's all the same. And she cant decide whether she's just crazy or actually insane. Lately the mirror seems to scream 'your too normal, time to change.' Or else or else maybe you should just die. Yup, yup, yup, just laugh it off as though you were having another teenangst day, when you know, oh-yes-darling stop it, you know, nothings really the bother, you just want some problems (oh, I just want some drama!) laugh laugh it off, I want someone to slap and to cry about (slit my wrists and die about) attention attention leads to affection affection and lovely, how do you think you get boyfriends? Exactly. Nobody likes normal, and I'm normal, a plain jane, a sarah plain and tall and (oh-whats-the word, who cares) and im slutting up myself just to give up myself let myself go maybe ill come back with adventure in my veins, oh yes, that would be jus t. and magnifence is full of shame, bring me on another GAaAME. I matter how much, no matter how much, im just a pair of eyes (just like the ones bayside seems to love, come on bayside, sing about my eyes) ugly and plain, im forrrrever the same. Nobody could even remember my name (what name do your remember, oh that's right, not me, now I get it) oh jealously slap myself back to myself, im lovvvvin myself, and this is myself…smile for myself (smile in my sleep, oh silverstein im dying in my sleep…oh yes, lying fucking CRYIng in my sleep, just for you, to make that stupid song true). Do you like what ive done with it(donewithwhat) done with IT. Oh don't pretend, you know what it is. MYSELF.