The Quest of the Bloody Tear

A single tear

Formed of hurt and blood

A streak of red, symbol of a scar

A background of porcelain skin

How can one endure such agony?

Yet we live on

Our lot to suffer

The promise of life

Has always been death

Neither can be without the other

Yin and Yang, Good and Evil

Light and Dark, Life and Death

Why do we hate the shadows?

Because we do not understand them

And what we do not understand we fear

And what we fear we grow to hate

This is the cycle of humanity

Can it be broken?

Of course

Those with an open mind and pure heart already have

We have only to follow them

Why don't we?

We are afraid, as we have always been

But there is still hope

We will grow and learn

And one day maybe we will be worthy

That is the power of the tree

The Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil

The power is choice, God's Greatest Gift

We have only to take it to redeem ourselves