The Eruption of Mount Kwantlen

By: Shawn. T

It was happening; the super volcano was finally erupting. Shawn Tomac raised his crystal and unleashed a deluge of freezing, mystical water to stop a flow of lava from partially melting the school. As the flow hardened Shawn paused to catch his breath and wondered how they had come to this. It seemed like a years but really it had only been a few weeks since he and his friends John Wells and Max Yeadon had been out in the woods behind the school and trying their best not to get caught skipping class. It was then that the first earthquake had struck. The next day the three had returned to find what looked like shield volcano had grown up overnight in the woods. But even stranger was the three crystals they found embedded in the dark, basaltic, extrusive rock, a ruby, an emerald, and a sapphire. Perplexed by this impossibility they decided to take the crystals they had pried from the cooled lava and show them to their beloved earth science teacher Mrs. Collins. It was then Mrs. Collins had revealed her secret. Many believed Mrs. Collins was just your average earth science teacher but in reality she was so much more. She was actually super rich from her discovery of a rare and improbable peridotite mine. She'd used the funds to build a super advanced and self sufficient laboratory designed to study rare geologic formations. It was into to the heart of the lab that she had brought the friends to study the strange crystals they had found. Instead they received the ultimate shock when from the crystals emerged three elemental spirits. The spirits of fire, earth, and water. The three spirits had then recruited Shawn, Max, and John to gain their powers and use them to protect a small group of humans from a great catastrophe. It was at that moment that Mrs. Collins sensitive instruments detected a massive uplifting of crust as over the next few days the Rocky Mountains were split in half to make room for the largest super volcano in recorded history. The volcano was named mount Kwantlen since the emergence of its silica poor secondary vent on Kwantlen parks grounds was the first evidence of its existence. When the day of the eruption arrived the three magically empowered teens headed to the school at the urging of the elementals while they stayed behind with Mrs. Collins to monitor the situation.

Shawn stopped his reminiscing and looked up as the sky darkened from the massive amounts of ash and debris being hurled into the atmosphere. Even from all these miles away Shawn could feel the heat of the lava as it slid down the mountain toward them, burning everything in it's path. At least whatever had survived the devastation caused by the nuee ardent and the lahars that even now where making there way towards them with great speed. Shawn turned back toward the school just as a flash of lightning heralded a large crack forming in the ground and threatening to swallow the school. Shawn could nothing as his crystal could command the seas but not the land. Max however had no such dilemma and had emerged from the nearest door in time to notice the problem. He swiftly raised his crystal and the crack's growth ground to halt. As Max relaxed however a new problem reared it's ugly head as lava began to well up from the crack. Luckily john appeared around the corner in time to divert the flow down the hill, sadly wasting the nearby library. A tear in his eye Shawn realized the school was not safe and they had to move it. Using their various abilities the plan was set in motion. John melted some of the deeper crust allowing the school to float on the liquid rock. Then Max cleared them a path through the thick earth. Swiftly they were under way towards their goal. They even managed to pick up Mrs. Collins lab along the way. Moving with all the speed they could muster it took them only a few hours to reach the shore. Then Shawn took over for his exhausted companions and guided the school across the treacherous waters between them and Vancouver Island. Their task accomplished and their powers almost spent the boys collapsed to the ground as all around them the students cheered, just happy to be alive. Then they all sat back to watch the devastation as British Columbia was transformed from land to a loose collection of islands. As lahars swept across and washed away Alberta, and California finally sunk into the depths of the sea.

Back on the island however all was not well. Quakes and tsunamis smashed the rocks as Shawn and Max fought them off and John struggled to summon more lava to replace the lost land. Then the nuee ardent began to sweep across the water. There was nothing the boys could do. None of the elements they controlled could stand up to that kind of brute power. Then Mrs. Collins and the elementals emerged from the lab with a desperate plan. A fusion spell that would unite the crystals power and summon a new elemental. The elemental of air. Within moments it was done and a diamond replaced the three other gems. Taking the shimmering gem in her hand Mrs. Collins unleashed its power. Sending a powerful hurricane into the nuee ardent and literally blowing it away. In the end the world was plunged into the darkness. But on a small island renamed Paradisia hope lived. And it was guarded by four immortal elementals. The crystals were gone and the spirits with them but the power they had invoked remained. And would remain until the light of the sun shone down upon the land once more.