Title: To Mend A Broken Heart
Author: Yisa
Rated: 16
Genre: Romance

Jade Keys -18 freshman at start of story
Klick Kentron -20 Junior at start of story
Tabitha Meyers-20 Junior at start of story
Ethian Tigers Senior at start of story
Youiko – Klick's private maid 13 at start of story

One woman lost her heart the first time around to a man who used her for his revenge. Then he got himself killed in a car crash. Hurt and betrayed beyond measure, she closed her heart to the world, allowing only a few to get close to her.

Now, one man will test her resolve and make her see that maybe, there can be true love in an unperfect world after all…

Jade couldn't believe her luck! She was accepted into E.S.O.U, Equal Sex Opportunity, a scandalous, but prestigious University that provides equal opportunities for both men and women. She should have known her luck was about to run out when she requested a female for a roommate, but instead, received the campus's male idol, a Junior prodigy by the name of Klick—because he clicks with everybody.

Full of himself, with almost every girl falling at his feet, Klick was the type of guy Jade had wanted to avoid; sadly, she would have to wait until the next semester to fill out a request for a new roommate. Stuck with an arrogant model of the perfect guy, Jade wanted nothing to do with him, even if they were living in the same room.

Hurt once already by Cupid's Arrow, she wanted nothing more to do with love and the havoc it causes. Unfortunately, Klick had decided that he was her new best friend, and as with all best friends, she found herself listening to his problems, comforting him, and most importantly, giving him advices in love when she should be seeing to her own.

Klick bothered her like no other. What was he hiding under all those false smiles and good looks? Who was the real Klick, and why did he temp her into forgetting that she had given up on love? She had only to look into his eyes….

On the rise campus star Klick Kentron was the idol of the school university, earning his perfect 4.0 GPA and his reputation as an athlete in most sports during his freshman year on campus. When he requested a freshman girl as a roommate, he expected cute mini skirts and short curly hair, not some prim and proper 4.0 miss geek giving him a run for his grades. So it came as a surprise when he found himself attracted to this not so wild of a woman.

Always the one leading, Klick couldn't understand why this proper and rude roommate would want to avoid him—or ignore him, when everyone else fought for his attention. Jade was a mystery in itself, a quiet woman who kept to her business and wanted nothing to do with him— or anyone else unless it benefited her.

Jade intrigued him like no other. Why wasn't she falling at his feet wanting to please him? Who had put the sadness in her eyes? And why did he suddenly want to hold her and take away the ghosts in her eyes? It really didn't matter, because pretty soon, he was going to take her through the steps of mending a broken heart….