Did you honestly think I would: Listen to your every word, give you what you wanted, fall for a liar like you, believe your secret kisses, listen to your whispered iloveyou's, or fall in love with a guy like you. Did you think I would: Long for you at the end of the day, cry for you every night, fall in love with an idea of happiness.

Did you honestly think I'd be that STUPID?

Well, I am.

Look where it got me. I'm in love with an idea of happiness that will never be real, because you can't tell the fucking truth. I'm on my knees at the altar, crying, because of a fake, a liar.

& NO, I don't want to talk about it
(not with you, you wouldn't get it)

I'm reaching out for you, but you've already walked away. My petty dream, hope is gone.

I'm in love with fake, a liar, a player, an asshole.

AN: I know I know, it's my old format. But I didn't write this to be a poem or prose thing. I wrote it as a letter to my friend thing about "us". He LOVED it and told me to post it, so here it is.