When I first took you,

You were tiny.

You cried,

You wanted your mummy.

You didn't like your new home,

These new people.

But however shy you were at first,

You could never suppress

Your need to know everyone

And explore everywhere.

I could watch you for hours,

Running up stairs,

Climbing ladders,

Swinging from bars,

Squeezing into small spaces.

You had so much energy,

You were always curious,

Eager to meet new people,

To try new things.

As you got older

You became quiet and reserved.

You got chubby and bald

And got wrinkles round your eyes.

But all the time,

Young and old,

They said you were large,

But to me you were really very small.

Maybe it was the yoghurt,

That made them call you

Michelin man.

I don't care

You will always be

My little Michelin man