Author's Note: This is actually a description of my Lit Prof. I think the vignette fits her personality well. It's more of an observation, with slight humor, but a message behind it. Okay, it's really "our" humor, but I hope you enjoy.

She walks into the classroom, sheepishly, and late as usual. I giggle and roll my eyes as she smiles back with a slight yawn. She checks the roll and asks out loud "why is everyone late?" as people slowly flow into class, surprised to see she is already there.

Discussion ensues. Always lively for 9 in the morning. I can tell she is pleased by the slight grin on her face. I interject a few jokes and we both laugh while the rest of the class is confused by our inside jokes. Halfway through the class, I am shocked there has not been a Sammie story yet.

She shuffles through her papers. She tries to keep on task. This seems to be an impossible burden. There is always something important to be said. There is always something new to learn and always from an unexpected source. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

By the end of the class, everyone walks slowly out of the class inspired by a new revelation or thought. She sits back, yawns again, but with a sense of joy. Anyone can see this joy, for it is plain, like a smile on a face. It is pure, like a dove that soars. It is beautiful and simple. She leaves her sanctuary, satisfied.