On the edge of breaking tears

Wasted words feeling so real

My love for you running deep into my veins

But that love is the sorce of the burning pain

No reply from the sorce

Walking and falling all over your remorse

If we were meant to be would we still be there

Laughing and crying stuck in loves lare

Hear me tonight walking away from the destruction

If we part maybe our hearts can rightly function

I'm so stuck

Out of luck

The minutes pass

Through the hour class

That's renting out my heart for it's life

Adding time limits and fantasy to the strife

Tears floating down your face

If only I could take their place

I'd never fall from you eyes

From the eyes they so idolize

Please don't leave my presence

For your the very essence

That holds my breath in the palm of your hands

Your the very place my feet may land

When the lies push me down

Save me from the burning towns

The stars looking down upon their post

Moarning for us all,the heartbroken the most

Physical pain, rising out of

Emotional pain and forgotten love

So everlasting if we let it be

For we can be so blind to see

Whatevers out there

But I can't say

For I'm to blind to care

And to disguested with the day

There's light, there always was I know

I believe we're never alone

But life can be depressing and full of ruts

Deep sores and lasting cuts

I have to remind myself that life is that way for all

I'm not the only one who continues to fall

I'll keep my eyes on the One above no matter

Even when my heart may shatter

With a final word to the simple disguise

The waterfall of pain holds a hiden tunnel we don't realize

Living life to the fullest, I must

Taking a leap of faith full of trust

I'll jump blindfolded if I may

Just to hear you say my name