Walking through the hallways walking through the hallways convincing yourself that nobody else notices eyes wander towards the other people walking through the hallways walking the same directions every single day. Progressing somehow towards the future some small changes sometimes you can't even notices them till they come crushing on you when all reality is shoot from the taunting of others. Nonchalant live style only holds for a while responsibility changes a person whole appearance in this thing called life got to be so complicated.

Though Pawel while daydreaming in class Geometry inevitable failure always so daydreaming probably be a better way to spend my time she though sarcastically.

Jason looking at her staring wonder what is he thinking or fantasizing when his looking at me this friendship thing with me and him is coming to a probable end can't have him thinking that some kind of relationship is going to come through that solemn like conversation the other maybe i should reconsider yeah well i just let things play out.

Thank god today's lesson was coming to an end "Today Assignment" ,announced the teacher," page 560 answer number twenty three through eighty six".That should keep me busy tonight teacher love inviting misery.

Looking at the clock five minutes till the bell myself throwing all my books inside my bookbag,Jason moves into the empty seat by the left of me what are you planning to do sense today is like Friday I casually say," Sincerely I am up to nothing you got some ideas'' I ask

Sure especially if it gives me a chances to hang around with you looking straight into my eyes with such countenance that literally described Baby I've been checking you out lately.

"Gosh what an invitation so persuasive I Like someone who actually taken notice of a vulnerable lonesome the plan your conjuring inside that head'', I say flirtishly.

"You got any objections with going down to the clubs I have heard about this new D.J calls himself ExternalSaga"

"Yeah sounds interesting think I'll take the chance", I say

You mind if some of my friends join us because everybody is pretty excited about "ExternalSage they say he is really great"

"Yeah certainly so who's all going"

Michael, Robbie,Kevin some other people that they are bring along. Thats ok thought''.

"No Biggie",I said with solemnity.

"Thats what I like about you your like so relaxed and devoted to making the situation comforting".

"Thanks for the compliment its important in order to be compatible with be tonedown".

"Like the philosophy"

Of course.