Chapter Three Pawel

Around the bonfire sat four of Jason followers or friends the way Pawel was going to be seeing this had been looking out for someone that looked convincingly innocent that could learn the new skills with ease ,they decided that Pawel was definitely the was just the first she noticed and was interested in everything seemed natural,nothing suspicious. The last thing the guys had expected that the girl would have said yes to the little coincodence made everything easier to control Pawel,just the luck in the game.

Spencer Muzar was the oldest of the group, and the one with more long dirty brown hair,that meet his neck and in the front gradually covered the left skin color looked like someone of Native American fierce attitude,dark drown eyes that around like marbles looking into yours shadows and glaring secretively into your conversations and privacy that you thought you was wearing at the time, nazyblue cargo shorts that had two large pockets facing vertically down,on the left side on the right pocket in cool Graffite letters T-shirt was Flaming red with a gigantic Bull Dog,siding on all fours,razour sharp teeth,you could just assume that they looked like something that could fuck up a piece of your a size medium fit perfect around his body but the best part of his apprile were his Comptown in the front white leather,the togue part was dark gray with three green strips simply on his body gave you a sence of clarity that you couldn't of caressing coolness that you the reader will never posses.

Mark,Spencer's backup,nothing fantasy about his had a extremely short coffee brown hair with a chubby face .He also wore glasses that were round,almost resembled harry potter glasses. Sometimes people at Pawel High school called him Harry was the only guy in the group other Jason that went to school with Pawel but she never noticed was wearing Blue Pheonix basketball t-shirt with a long sleeved green t-shirt under pants that went to his anxles, so that you could see his white high rise convers,that looked really wore down.

Spencer saw Jason first coming down with the girl in his hands perfect,she had nothing to sucpect then saw Jason

"I didn't know that we had decided on Pawel?",said Mark looking at Spencer with a grudge

"Well,things just came together with the girl,that made everything a easy fix",replied spencer

"Yeah,but how do you know that she won't say anything" ,said Mark

"Jason and we aren't going to tell anything that will be important so watch your god Damn month!'' ,he said quickly

"Hello guys said Pawel very cheerfully,as Spencer was sitting himself comfortably by Spencer,you mind if I smoked?

"I thought you didn't smoke", said Jason as he glanced at Pawel.

"Yeah only when i become nerves,my friend(Jamaica) made it a point to throw one into my knows if i deny one then later on thats going to become a knows me better than anyone,thats my Jamaica".

"Thats what friends are for giving away free cigarettes' teased Jason

What brand are they?By any chance Marlboro

Oh and your getting nerves,thats funny!Bet your around tons of guy that would love to Fuck around with you.

Most of the time i don't give them a chance,you on the other a excepition,so you better feel Lucky,and thats a Joking!

Very Funny,you planning on going back to the Party?asked Jason.

Duno,i need to find my friend ,Jamaica, because she is my Pawel

Thats ok,i'll give you a ride you need one suggested Jason

Maybe i don't know,Jamaica probably get worried if i don't tell her where i am i can hang around with you now.

Be to Continued...


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