The Formidable

I saw you down the street last week.

I remember I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't speak.

You said you wouldn't return.

Seeing you here made me burn.

It was so long ago when we spoke last.

And then you were gone.

Lost somewhere in my past.

Seeing you stand just a few feet

away from me,

I thought I was dreaming.

But then I saw my chain hanging

around your neck. Vividly gleaming.

I wanted to call you, though

I found nothing to say.

But you turned around and

looked directly at my way.

And I froze trying hard to

break your stare.

You haven't changed.

I was glad you came back.

But to tell you that I didn't dare.

Drowning in your eyes, I felt

the world fall into silence.

And felt as if everything

were in a distance.

But then you broke that as

those three words rang

out inside my head.

And immediately those painful

memories rushed back

so I turned around and fled.

I can't forget your pleading eyes

begging me to come back

as I started to run from this panic attack.

I still regret it to this day

knowing that you'll find me

again and try to take me away.

A/N: Well I left this vague so its open for you decide what those three words were. If you haven't a clue...well I pity you.(ooh! Another rhyme. I know. I'm corny. But so are you for reading poems instead of doing something useful! So HAH!) :)