theft - 4.20.06

through words so simple, concise and precise (and setting sights on what should be not yours),
your lips, your tongue, the air between (what once was mine)
and vibrations thenceforth (disturbing air - a warning; like all such, unheeded)
'til my cheeks are heated (this exchange of words, of memes and perceptions (in a perfect world, but all that travels is tone;
we both know you've won))
and nature, as ever, providing the cure: by means of rising moisture (our voices follow suit), 'til, at last,
we both are cold;
control established, the procedure stumbles on (my heart echoing the uneven sprint: mad dash, then breathtakingly slow)
and through it all, this image never leaves my head:
that night in the rain, on that empty promenade,
when i thought myself in vain, but you said you were fond
of many things (coy 'til the end), myself among them
and not 'til now has the truth been realized (through your actions)
fondness, affection, but never love; you always despised me when i lied
so obvious: you never did, just let the words unspoken speak volumes
and you rationalized thus: the truth alone escaped your lips
and unsoiled, pristine, you stole me away.