Shitstorm II/II

The men were like statues with their odd, misshapen masks, five had briefcases, three had odd implements which would often click, they all wore odd suits (or maybe even robes) and gloves made of a thick substance, you could not see their skin or hear their voice, the get-up so was as such designed. They all scorned the stubborn, vicious, Luddite, ashen tribe and all had with them a book with a picture engraved upon each and every one of what might be a fungus or maybe a cloud, maybe even broccoli. The villagers are quite unsure, shocked and afraid of these oddities; they represented something foreign to them. Foreign objects were reviled here. The congregation started shouting orders and informing them that they should not even be there still, as a dangerous poison had ruined the land, they were told to clear out while they still can, maybe in forty years you can reclaim the land, but now to stay here is sure suicide, united we stand, falling we divide.

The villagers did not make light of this and in revolt they took to gun and torch and to the vile figures they did set ablaze, shot, stabbed and even ravaged, one figure tried for a small device in his/her pocket, but was mashed and pulp by the lynch mob two-hundred-fifty strong, the device hoisted up upon a stick, truly did it make them sick. After the massacre they heaved the bodies into the now famous ditch. All here knew and cared but those wretched outsiders would never know, not in eighty million years or even ever if at all possible, those wretches, wastes and scum. What silly things they say, how can disease fall from heaven on high?

And the bodies piled higher, the people did not get any wiser, disease slowly spread throughout all the sand and water, claiming many a son and daughter, many more were killed and slaughtered. Come soon did a mighty drought devour many more lives by the hour; now the people without power, watch how mightily they cower! They should!

"Ha hah!" crowed the spirit of melodrama, the humorless ice queen who destroyed many earlier through her scene at the bar, she had since been ostracized and labeled as death, the destroyer of worlds. She now lived up to this title, taking glee through the many heads she placed unto spits and bodies arranged into a makeshift palace, reveling in attention, her favorite thing.