Tap, tap, tap…

I was bored out of my mind. I told the teacher telepathically to hurry up, then glanced at the clock. 1:47 p.m. Dang another hour to go until school's out. I have never cussed out loud before, because cussing is just pointless. Those people are just the I-am-too-cool-for-school kinds. I never waste my time with those people; not that they needed my friendship.

"A free verse?" our teacher Mrs. Mello was literally pulling her hair out. "Common, you guys are seniors, and you don't even know what a free verse is?"

Well, that's exactly it. They were seniors. And you can't really expect these people to know. Our class was separated mainly into cheerleaders, stupid jocks, and outcasts who are too shy to speak in public. Oh yeah, there were like three druggies too, but they almost never come to class. I suppose they only come because the principal forces them to.

I knew the answer, 'an unrhymed verse without a consistent metrical pattern." But then again, I didn't even try to answer her question. She never notices me anyways, because I have a special group all to myself; in fact, I own it, the perfect wall-blender.

I was always alone in my life. There was no one to confess my feelings to. Even if I was surrounded by a swarm of students like right now, I was alone. I was utterly alone. I felt as if I had a part of me that was missing, swept off by a destructive wind. I longed to find that missing part of me, but for right now, I didn't even know where to start.

I suppressed a snort. I was getting lamer everyday.

"Please you guys, a free verse. Its name really just gives it away you know. Anyone?"

No one was even listening. They didn't even try guessing. Ever. They were all concentrating on the clock, willing it to move faster. I began to feel sorry for her. Maybe I'll just answer her question this one time.

I was sympathetic and decided to raise my hand.

"Anyone at all? Any guesses?" Mrs. Mello didn't see my hand.

Higher, higher.

"A free verse" She had to see it by now. Apparently, she's just ignoring it.

I was literally off my chair now.

A severe disappointing frown captured her face. "Fine, write this down class. A free verse is-"

Finally one of the druggies, what's his name again…Oh yeah…Mitch spoke up. "Mrs. Mello?" he said in a bored voice.

"Yes Mitch, do you know anything about it?" she asked hopefully.

"No." Mitch replied nonchalantly. He wore an I-really-know-the-answer-but-I-just-feel-like-not-answering-today smirk. That idiot, he knows what a free verse is. He's just enjoying torturing our teacher.

But then again, the look on Mrs. Mello was sort of amusing. She breathed in and out heavily, reminding me of that one time at the zoo when a pig was dying. And the pig was twitching violently and painfully. God, I am so sadistic sometimes. It's probably caused by the fact that I am a loner. But I digress.

"Then why did you raise your hand?"

"I think Katlyn knows."

"Whose Katlyn?" Mrs. Mello looked confused for a second. "Ummm…let me see…Katlyn?" She checked her seating chart.

Yes, thank you. I know that I merge perfectly well with the wall.

But I wasn't surprised with her reaction. No one ever notices me anyways and I could care less about it.

Mitch looked unimpressed at our teacher, and raised a pierced eyebrow. "Yes, Katlyn. She still has her hand up if you haven't noticed."

However I was impressed by the irritable demeanor that Mitch carried. Also, how did he know that my hand was raised without even looking? But more importantly, how did he even know my name?

The whole class turned to me, as if I was a feral animal, something to entertain them. I was sweating profusely and my cheeks dramatically heated up, since my entire life added together, I have never gotten this much people to even notice my existence. I hope I don't faint. Collect yourself, Katlyn, be cool.

I decided to play dumb. After all, she was the one who provoked this. I mean, she didn't even know the name of the girl who participates in her class. But don't get me wrong. I actually sincerely love the language arts classes. It's wonderful how artistically people can use words to provoke thoughts and feelings that can brush a person's soul. I didn't understand why people considered this class so hard. All you had to do was string together some words and make it flow.

I smirked just a bit before answering. This was going to be so fun. Again, don't get me wrong. I was actually a sweet, quiet girl whose closet consisted of simple shirts and dark jeans. My life revolved around my brother, Joshua, my easygoing parents, and my best and only friend, Megan.

"Ummm…a free verse? I think it's related to a poem. Isn't that some lame type that people write if they don't know any other ways of writing? I mean, for a free verse, you can just be free and stuff, right? At this point, I actually nodded to myself and sucked on one of my fingers, pretending to ponder. I think that one dude used it. Yes, I think another person used it too, but I forgot their names. Hmmm…a free verse? I really don't know the definition though." I blinked really fast a couple of times all the time staring at Mrs. Mello.

Mitch looked at me and gave me an approving look. I love his eyes. They were a pair of forest green orbs. Most of the times, it was hazy, guarded, and completely emotionless. I liked it better right now; it was lighter and seemed to radiate a welcoming aurora about him. His black attire, the baggy jeans and muscle shirt, made his eyes look even more mysterious and deep. Mitch was not a Goth. Thank God, I hated Goths…wait…I came out of my trance. Why would I care anyways?

I snapped my attention back to Mrs. Mello. Right now, she was glaring at the whole class in an almost frightening way. "I had enough of this class, of this whole school. I really had enough. I can't stay here at Winful High School for another minute."

In unison, the whole class raised our eyebrows at her, amused. "This is the last straw. I'm leaving." From that moment on, I never saw Mrs. Mello again. I don't know where she went nor did I care. But the funny thing was that she never explained what a free verse was.

All I knew was that my "heroism" of saving the class from the worst teacher in the whole school got around really fast. Well, what do you expect? Cheerleaders and jocks gossiped all the time. From that moment on, I was accepted into the "popular" group. Well, maybe not totally accepted into it, but they didn't think of me as a loser, nerd, geek, outcast, or however they classified people on the social ladder. Therefore, I started hanging out with them more, and got to learn each of their personalities. Actually they did not really have different personalities. It was always 'get away from my boyfriend. He's mine' and, even if they didn't say this out loud, I knew that they always thought 'I'll be your friend if I benefit from this.'

I was never happy with them. You would think that from being popular, I would be too busy to be alone. But that's not the case. I was still as alone as before, if not even more, because the second I ditched Megan to join the popular group, she stopped talking to me. I swear, I will make her forgive me some way or another. Megan is the only other person out of my family who partially understands me.

But there is one ray of hope for me, one of the only reasons that I was still sane from the hollow feeling in my chest. Mitch. I took to staring at him each language arts class, the only class I shared with him. I know, I have become another one of those pathetic stalkers. Sadly, he never acknowledged me again after that one Mrs. Mello incident. I couldn't really blame him. He seemed to think that being with the popular group had degraded my morale. I love him. Wait, I didn't even know if this was love. It's probably just a small crush. I don't know and in all honesty, I don't care. For the time being, I just wanted to stare at him and for him to stare back at me with those fascinating green orbs of his.