"Katlyn? Helloooo…Woohoo?!" Lisa was waving a hand in front of my face, trying to catch my attention.

I was sitting with the popular group at lunch, absent mindedly stabbing at the noodles, a habit I've grown used to ever since they first invited me two weeks ago.

"Hun? Oh sorry, what did you say again?" I shook my head; attempting to snap out of the trance I was in.

"Oh my gosh Kat, have you even heard a word we were like, saying? It was important you know! You know Chase? He's only the hottest jock here! Well, we heard that he dumped Anisa. You know her…the head cheerleader? They lasted only a week, but I'm not surprised. Chase always dumps the girl after they did it." Lisa looked actually pumped up over this piece of info. "Ooh, and guess what? I also heard he found a new girl. Chase didn't ask her out yet, but he will. Supposedly, she's popular, hot, and smart. I bet he's only going out with her to make Anisa jealous. Oh my gosh. I am so like, genius!" Lisa flicked her hair for an extra dramatic effect to what she just said. Ok, first of all, I didn't understand what she just said. And also, I really don't care.

"Hmmm…that's nice. I'm going to use the restroom." Not…I just wanted to get away from here. But I did need to go pee.

I walked away, while mentally rolling my eyes at them. I mean, what else do they talk about other than whom Chase is dating. Last week, I already heard enough about him; how he asked an outcast out to embarrass her. They went out for a day to a bar, got drunk, and made out, and Chase dumped her little ass the next day. What kind of person with at least a little moral would do that? Chase. I was seriously getting sick of that name.

"Ouch." Oops. I just bumped into someone. "Sorry, I didn't see you there."

"Watch where you're going, you bitc-oooohhh hey Katlyn…right? Nice ass." Guess who? Chase.

I raised my eyebrow. What did he just say? Can you say blunt?. Even though I didn't care about him, I still felt my cheeks heating up. I decided to just ignore him. I bit my lips, tried to walk around while saying "excuse me," then proceeded to walk away from him.

Chase grabbed my wrist. "Stop, I'm not joking, you have a nice ass."

"I am not going out with you, so can you keep your profound comments to yourself? My ears burn!" I retorted.

He smiled. No, he smirked. I don't think anyone ever refused a date with him in his whole life. "Playing hard-to-get, hun? Fine, lemme say something more modest. You have nice eyes."

"Thanks? But I really have to go now." …What…the…heck…

"No I'm serious! Your eyes…they're reddish brown, mahogany colored…I love them. And your hair? It's beautiful…brown and silky."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah right, whatever you say…" I started to walk away again; I really need to go pee.

Chase smiled his gorgeous smile, confident that I wanted him and was just teasing. It was the kind that made most girl submit to whatever he wanted them to do; the kind that made them weak in the knee. "Will you go out with me?"

He did not just say that. I'm so going to refuse him. He's probably the worst boyfriend ever. Even though he's hot, he doesn't know how to treat a lady. "Chase, I…just say no…do…wait a second. Mitch never notices me now, but if I go out with this guy here, he'll know how popular I am, and then ask me out…oh my gosh, I am so conceited…but Mitch is worth it, I love, no, like him a lot…want to go out with you. flips my hair Yah, so when and where is our first date?"

Chase almost looked surprised that I actually accepted, but immediately regained his composure. He smirked to himself. To me, he said, "How about tomorrow at the new bar that they just opened up at 5 in the afternoon? I'll pick you up at your house."

The new bar? But I never went to bars. I'm against drinking, especially underage drinking. But I have to admit...I was curious...