I was home sprawled across the couch. School just ended. It was Friday, and thirty minutes before Chase is supposed to come and pick me up.

I sighed, wondering why I'm going out with him; especially to a bar on the first date. I don't know; maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bars are bad. Bars are really bad. Bars are bad. Bad are bars. What the heck? Bad are bars? I am NOT nervous. No, I'm not. It's just a date with Chase…the first date…with a jerk…at a bar…equals bad…no, equals horrendous…

I was dragged back to reality when my brother kicked me. I mean, he kicked me.

I was about to turn around, grab his neck, and spit on him (ewww) until he choked, or kill him slowly using the most morbid method.

But when I turned around, he looked to be peaceful asleep. His hair was messed up, with a single strand covering his left eye. I love times when he is without any worries and has an innocent, a calm blissful look on his face. When he wakes, he is literally an evil little devil though still lovable.

I smiled a little and returned to my current horrible situation. I definitely didn't want to go to that bar. Who cares about a new bar? sigh The things I'll do to get Mitch.

I was once again interrupted when my annoying brother kicked me again, this time with both of his feet. Fuming, I suddenly whispered dangerously, "Joshua, oh Josh…wake up…"

"Huh…?" He woke up. "Sis, I had the greatest dream ever. I became the top ninja and I killed the baddest evil villain in the world. I was like unbeatable!"

"Did you do that on purpose? And it's not baddest, it's worst. Anyways, payback time." My eyes were now like a deadly and edacious cat, eyeing a fat, juicy mouse. I started tickling him without mercy.

"Sis…haha…sis, hahaha…SIS…stop…hahahaha…"

"No, you deserve it…I definitely won't stop." This was said with an almost maniac edge to it.

"But…hahaha…what did I do?"

"Oh nothing, except for almost knocking my eyes out of the sockets with your feet." I grinned, starting to feel sorry for Josh. After all, he WAS my baby brother and I didn't want to kill him like this. Yes, I have heard that if you laugh too hard, then you can die because you're out of oxygen. Or something like that.

"I, hahahahaha, did…?" He looked too innocent when he said this.

"Yes, you did." I simply stated.

"You know…hahahahaha…on Batman? Hahahahaha, well the evil villain kills the people, hahahaha, making them laugh…hahaha…So if you want me to…hahahaha…die…"

Only when the door rang, did I stop the ticklish punishment. By now, Josh's face was a tomato.

I checked myself one more time in the mirror. For the bar, I had worn an eight inch baby blue skirt and a plain white top that showed just a bit of cleavage. I didn't want to look like a slut but I did make an effort to fit in at the bar.

Then I yanked open the door to see Chase standing there. He immediately took my left hand and proceeded to guide me to his black Mercedes. Wow, nice car. But you are still an asshole.

"Wait. I need to tell my parents…MOM! DAD! I'm going to be out for a couple of hours with a friend! I'll be back around 10, maybe later. Bye!" I shouted into the room.

I was led into the passenger seat of this expensive car as I glanced at my comforting house to gather strength for this extremely awkward date; well, at least for me.

"You look gorgeous, but a halter would've been more…nevermind." revealing? Haha, bastard, you wish.

I managed to mumble a thanks and proceeded to staring out the window.

We arrived ten minutes later. He helped me out of the car. How gentlemanly of you, Chase; you fool me sometimes. We walked in to a huge mansion with the song "My Humps" blasting into my ears.

"Where are we again?" I yelled over the noise.

"At Tim's. Now let me get us some punch."

"It's probably spiked."

"So? Katlyn, this is a party, ok? So. We. Are. Going. To. Have. Some. Fun. Understand.?!" I nodded, stepping backwards each time he poked me.

He left me standing there, confused. People kept jostling into me and soon, I was lost in the crowd. After twenty minutes of searching for my very considerate boyfriend, I finally decided to just start heading home. But just before I reached the door, someone stopped me. I turned around. "Are you looking for Chase?"

I was still pissed at him. "Yes and if you know where he went please lead me to him so that I can beat the stuffings out of him for leaving me here stranded with at least 30 drunks around me thank you very much. Whew."

"Last time I saw him, he was back in the balcony getting it on with Anisa. I think you should dump him. He's a loser." I was breathing rather hard, and blushed. Just then, what he said clicked in my mind. Getting it on with Anisa? Wait, did he mean like…cheating on me?

"Ohhhh, FUCK." I started running past the stranger to get to Chase, but then I suddenly stopped. I haven't even seen his face clearly. I don't even know his name. I didn't even thank him, so I turned around.

"Thanks a lot, for you know…" What. The. Heck? He wasn't there. This was weird, he was standing there a second ago.

"You finally cussed, my little kitten. My sexy Kitty. Good job, it was the first time I heard you shout these oh-so-profane words." These words were whispered from behind me and they sent a shiver down my spine. I whipped around, but did not see anyone there. Odd.

But without a second thought, I sprinted toward where Chase was supposed to be. And what do you know? He had a blond attached to him and she was practically doing an oral with him. Eww this is disgusting. I went up to him and slapped his arm. "You are such a loser."

"Wh-what? Katlyn? O hey baby. Wanna join?" His speech was slurred and I could tell that he consumed a lot of alcohol when he went to "get a punch for us."

"Uhhhh, no?! I'm breaking up with you loser!" By this time, his attention was already back on Anisa. "Fine, be that way, and you better remember that I'm OVER with you and you can just moap all you want tomorrow."

With that said, I stomped away, leaving Chase to look at me for only a split second.

After I left the mansion, my head cleared up. So I have to walk home, don't I? Oh well, it's only a couple of blocks away.

And as I went over today's events, I knew that I could get over everything, even the fact that Chase just cheated on me on the first date. I could get over everything, except with that strange boy. I haven't been able to see who he was that clearly, but I knew instinctively that he was around my age, maybe 19 or so. To me, he had felt like darkness himself. He wore worn out black jeans, and a loose black shirt. His hair was messy too. But what's more than his outer appearances are these emotions deep in his eyes, which were clouded with confusion. It had felt like as if his eye was full of lust and hatred. But there was also something else in them that confused his mind. What was it? I didn't know the answer. His eyes were so coldly piercing that he probably didn't even know what kindness, what love meant.

I racked my brain. But what did he say that sent chills up my back? Oh yah, he implied that he had watched me before; and knows an awful lot about me. And why had he told me about Chase? He didn't even know who I was. Wait, scratch that, but I've never met him before, I'm sure of that. Then, why? Maybe he's some weird stalker guy. Oh well. At least he's a hot stalker, even hotter than Mitch…or Chase for that matter.

Ahhhh, I give up. I was near my house anyway. Unlocking the door, I made my way up the stairs slowly and into my room. The clock read 10:17p.m. And with my last thoughts about the party I fell into an uneasy sleep.